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  1. Americans say 'Math' because they can't deal with the plural of it, 'Maths'. They can't count that high. Funni as fuk.
  2. No. But thought you might be interested in how Lewis and Clark expedition fucked the Indians "The Arikara, devastated as they were from smallpox, were looking for all the help they could get when they greeted the Expedition. Believing that they might acquire the power of others through sexual activity, the Arikara men sent their wives and sisters over to the Americans for sex. Particularly interested in William Clark’s (Links to an external site.)virile slave York, the Arikara and other Indians along the way were anxious for their women to have sexual liaisons with the powerful Afr
  3. Came here late, but I get the drift. NZ defending the AC somewhere other than NZ, is the end of the AC for me. I will still watch the spectacle, but it's not what it was, disconnected from the host country, just connected to the $.
  4. I'm sure he does, but why waste them on you?
  5. SO glad you are impressed with the length of my ... post! One cut and paste.
  6. "OK now listen up you lot ... yes that means you down the back!" "Have a contract to push Invermectin to Cruise ship passengers, 20 million of them a year and the client wants every one of them to buy a dose before they leave the dock. Best way is to get word-of-mouth out there through social media. every fucking boat/sailing/travel site or forum needs to be hammered. I you have your quotas, you have your ID's and I don't want any fucking whining about shit account names, I don't make up that shit, deal with it." "Now get out there and give me the metrics we need to send th
  7. What? Get sucked into a cabal of shills about treating sick people with a parasite killer? You've been exposed @mikewof, deal with it.
  8. Yep, well played, that's team work for ya. EDIT: "Open Minded" is shill speak for "Casting seeds of doubt" a well known technique. Oh, did I tell you that I once heard of a 99 year old who smoked? Said it was what kept them alive. Me? I'm not so sure but I'm open minded about it.
  9. You really are a real bundle of joy to be around. It's True though.
  10. It appears the dope you smoke doesn't help that one brain cell you have left with identifying shapes. Silly me, we already have started a list and there's four on it already! @mikewof @Kate short for Bob @EYESAILOR @Tharsheblows Will be fascinating to see where this goes. Looks like you have most of SA covered with your shit.
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