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  1. What do you think? Quarantine everyone and the virus would disappear! How fucking simple is that! Let's start a movement. Sailing Anarchy can save millions of lives!
  2. So his spin on it is ... he is willing to go to jail and other people will suffer the consequences. That is insane, it's not just bullshit, he's insane.
  3. More insanity. If he has to go to jail, his willingness is not required. EDIT: Is the inability to recognise reality, a sign of a mental health problem? Is there a collective mental health problem across these people. Is it crazy to tell recognisable bullshit and expect people to accept it?
  4. One half care about their country and each other, the other half only care about themselves. It's that simple.
  5. The businesses that use the infrastructure don't pay for it. If it is a toll road, private people pay, businesses just add to cost to the charge on private people. Having come from the transport infrastructure sector, I no longer believe that more roads and bridges are the solution. New paradigms are required.
  6. It's a boost for people who want to use the bridge, but a drain on the country. But that's 'Normal and Cool' for the US, use public money to create private wealth.
  7. Yeah saw that one. Just after it happened we had an SA disagreement about why it cracked where it did. Americas roads and bridges were built in a frenzy after WWII. I used to maintain an asset inventory of bridges in the State where I live, same problem, just not as bad as the US. It's about scale. It's a serious issue for the country as they no longer have the economy to replace them. But then again, there used to be a gold standard for the currency too, so maybe it doesn't matter. I have been trying to get the point across that replacement is a drag on the economy, not a b
  8. A poofteenth toe-in on the rudders is good, as it is on a car.
  9. Except that toe-in is not Ackerman, it's just toe in for stability in a straight line. Ackerman is delivered by the tiller arms on each rudder being angled in at a calculated angle, even it the rudders had no toe-in.
  10. Missed the race, bugger. But I am disappointed in the number of infringements that have gone on with no penalties. Umpired events contribute to the "if no one called it, it didn't happen."
  11. But you don't give a fuk right? Oh, and you forgot to add ... she is black!
  12. Planners "Assume" that when this bridge or road is at the end of it's design life, that someone will replace it. "Assuming" is not Funding it. Both you and BJ repeat the "no value" shit back to me. It has value to continue to get over the river, but it does not deliver the boost to GDP that the creation of the first one did. It just maintains it. Your drivers license and first car changed your life. Every time you renew it or your car, does fuck-all except maintain that life style the first one delivered. In the first half of my working life I went into debt for each new car
  13. The second bridge is just a bigger sausage machine to allow more people to eat sausages and the butcher to get richer. Nothing like what the first bridge over a river does. My views must be influenced by the 24 years and 8 months, much of which was spent looking at that shit.
  14. Sounds like Mikey level bullshit. He used to make shit up like that all the time. I calculated he was 478 years old based on what he said he did. What about you? It's racking up!
  15. They don't care. The aim is to shit post, it's indexed by google, content is out there to be found by those requiring it.
  16. The COVID near-death experience didn't change Boris's attitude. If he survives he will claim a great victory.
  17. Code Flag Zero is flown at the start where cheating is allowed. I can see that it is an understandable decision to avoid having to police every competitor in conditions that make it almost impossible to do so. It still sucks. The worst part is not the rules or the umpires, it's that if they can get away with it, sailors will cheat.
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