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  1. My stance is that many live-aboards have arrived there after some racing experience at some time before they got the boat. They take the 'my boat is faster than your boat' attitude with them, when they should just chill and enjoy it. But they don't. As far as I know, no designer deliberately makes a slow boat for no good reason. It is carefully designed for a specific purpose. That purpose could be to be able to remain intact after being dragged off a coral reef. It could be to be to be almost impossible to capsize. It could be to be comfortable and able to supply the needs of peopl
  2. Yeah that's exactly how it is. People pay a premium for a cat. Then some of them are fixated on "my boat is faster than the bigger cat". It's boring. Why do people who are no in a race continually race the other boat? Yeah I know it's a well known thing ... but it's boring. I don't give a fuck anymore, you want to bust your arse go right ahead, I will stick to the plan. "Oh the other boat had to motor more than we did so I win" ... yeah really? Fuckin hell. Have some fun for a change. Try just sailing the boat you bought and stop comparing to make your smaller boat be
  3. Yeah really? Most cruisers don't give a fuck about that stuff. They care about cruising in comfort. I can tell you that living your life with you house tilted and shit falling out of cupboards is less preferable. Show me a cruiser who does not want their kitchen to be horizontal. Show me a cruiser who would not like the option of easily beaching the fucker for a quick scrub. Show me the cruiser who would not like to sneak into anchorages that have less that 1.5m depth, particularly to go up creeks in a blow or to escape a cyclone. So all this chatter about performance is com
  4. He just can't fucking help himself from being a dick. Why? It's funni!
  5. Yeah? So have you heard of Super Yachts? Why pick on just the multihull versions?
  6. I've buried a few sadly. I must be a bad dad because every dog I have ever owned has got old and died. Except one. I was building our first house, had to shift the ute and backed over a nine month old dog. It did not die immediately unfortunately, but did on the way to the vets, on my lap pleading with me to make it better. Still haunts me. A very hard lesson about vehicles and pets, but I learned well. forty years and four houses later, the main entry doors on our house have auto closing devices on them. But enough of that, some black humour. "New dog meets old dog."
  7. Seriously, comparing rating between cats and monos is bullshit. You want room, comfort and be able to leave the flower vase on the table, get a cat. You want to leave the wife at home and race with the boys, get a mono that rates. This unending cat-mono thing is fucking boring. I've sailed on both and they are different for a reason, they are each good at different things.
  8. Not for normal Australians it's not. Just Bogan fucked-in-the-head versions. It has been known to happen after living in the tropics with no aircon. Or it could be that only those people do that, not sure about the cause and effect sequence. 'Gorn troppo' is the description we use.
  9. It's the bullshit 'Influencer' behavior that shit people off. If you were any good you could get the job done without attracting those claims, but you aren't, so so get attacked. You just piss people off as an blatant shill, simple as that.
  10. Looks kinda like Nazi Salutes don't it?
  11. But you are the one in Detroit ...
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