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  1. I had a boat that did that. If the keel moves, yes it is a maintenance issue. Everything is a compromise. Had a lesson in hull form stability with that boat. Lost main halyard clip to about 2m from the mast head. So i thought I would take it into the shallows board up and use a spinnaker halyard to tip the thing over (al La dinghy) and fix it. Convinced a couple of locals to help. Three of us managed to get the fucking thing tipped over but it refused to come any further and still could not reach the halyard. The boat was still floating, I thought it would be easier that wa
  2. This thread has been annoying the fuck out of me. It starts with a premise that Putin should be worried if the US shuffles a few assets around Europe. The reverse is true, the US is pannicing because all the time and effort they have put into ring-fencing Russia with NATO bases looks under threat. Putin will not allow Ukraine to host NATO bases and missile systems on their border. Simple as that. Many have tried over the last few hundred years to make Russia do what they want, even attempted to invade them, so how did that work out? I tell you what would happen ... confli
  3. I was at a venue that nominated the farthest away mark as exempt from R 31. Me: "So why is that one ok to hit that one?" Local: "Because it's hard to see that one, it's too far away." Me: "Oooookay, so why not bring it ... ah forget it." The result was even more collisions than before. It's bullshit to ignore rules, particularly when doing that just creates more bad manners and problems than it solves.
  4. So you are asking if anyone here also wants to ignore a Rule?
  5. Just when you thought it was safe to stay out of the water.
  6. Paramedics warn motorists to take care after motorcyclist ... https://www.smh.com.au › National › NSW › Tragedy 24 Apr 2018 — A motorcyclist died on Tuesday morning after hitting a kangaroo on the M4 near Penrith. Motorbike rider killed in Mount Perry kangaroo crash | The ... https://www.thechronicle.com.au › queensland › news-story 1 day ago — File Photo. A man has tragicall
  7. If one of those annoys you Rick, let me know, I can help with some pretty basic tools.
  8. I get it, one of my grandmothers was one. The other was a Scot.
  9. Not heard that term before, but I get your drift you racist cunt. But it's too late, you are fucked and that is what you deserve.
  10. Let's just say we have a lower degree of tolerance for bullshit and are prepared to call it. Like what the fuck has LB reaming you here has got to do with visitors to your club? "I, AJ, want to move a motion that all Aussies and Kiwis visitors are banned from our club." "Ooookay ... um, why?" "Well madam chairperson, there are rude Aussies giving me a hard time on Sailing Anarchy!" "Hahahahahaaaaa, yeah we saw that you stupid old cunt."
  11. I quit farcebook 12 months after it was available. I can pick bullshit early, clearly.
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