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  1. Showing more of the extent, forward and aft of the hole.
  2. Everything is going left, around north head and up to course A
  3. Course markers are towing out at the moment
  4. I couldn't spot anything when they launched this morning.
  5. 8-11 knots, will be a good test of light-mid range capabilities
  6. haha - I don't take anything seriously on this forum! Full disclosure: I run that instagram account :-)
  7. They've headed out to join the Challengers https://www.instagram.com/p/CIwk44zgyDd/
  8. Luna Rossa towed out without any sails up. Britannia is sailing around off North Head, the guys don't seem afraid to throw it around. Patriot just towed out with main up. Te Rehutai has headed out again. We could have all four teams for today's session!
  9. They've headed around north head and up the coast, so expect course A today.
  10. Course markers are on their way out. I'll let you know which way they head.
  11. They sailed back, not limped back. So if something broke it wasn't major looking. Who forgot to pack lunch?
  12. Hmm.... they just sailed back up the harbour towards the base.
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