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  1. Please PM with your details. Happy to chat.
  2. Thanks @DickDastardly, I will reach out to them too.
  3. Lol, posting here for the first time requires bravery.
  4. VMAP, if I had that crew, I don't think my concern would be sail trim.
  5. Thanks for the posts. The sailmaker and the skiff winning crews are great ideas, but in the mean time I will see if I can reach Brett Beyer.
  6. First time posting here, we race offshore out of Sydney Harbour on an 34'. We know the basics of sail trim and still manage to get some good results every now and again. However, we are not consistent and sometimes we fail to find the right configuration to drive the boat. We are considering hiring a professional to come aboard and coach us to improve our sail trim and general racing skills. Anyone has any tips where I can look for a coach? Cheers.
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