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  1. And obesity was not caused by overeating Liver issue not caused by excessive alcohol consumption . . . For everyone advocating for non vaccinated not getting free treatment are you also in support of: Drug addicts being turned away at the door to the ER when in the midst of an OD. They made the choice to ingest that poison. The severally obese being turned away at the door to the ER when in the midst of a heart attack. They made the choice to live an unhealthy lifestyle. The lifelong smoker being turned away at the door to the ER when i
  2. Every commercial that begins with "You may be entitled to financial compensation" refers to something the FDA approved.
  3. If it only took minutes to learn how to fly the F-14 I am sure he would. I have never seen a prop cartridge so no idea how to tell one from a live round but no matter what kind, it only takes seconds to check if a firearm has a cartridge in it. I am quite sure that anyone could be taught how to do that in minutes. AB CHOSE not to learn that basic skill. If reports of other negligent discharges happening on this set are true he is absolutely responsible, both as the one who pulled the trigger and as a producer.
  4. I have been using it for several months. It is nowhere near as fast as cable but the only cable provider in my area (mediacom) sucked. It would drop 10-15 times per day sometimes for as long as 30 min. Signal was week in my area and I have a block home with all voids filled with concrete so inside signal was really bad but I bought a repeater with a directional outside antenna and that fixed that issue. We can stream on 3-4 devices at one time without issues most of the time. Overall I am happy with it would recommend it as long as you do not NEED 500 Mbps.
  5. I think you being on the water is the only "probable cause" they need.
  6. My experience with Mediacom is if you have your own modem and there is a problem they always say their system is working fine, the problem is with your equipment. If you rent a modem from them and there is a problem at least you can plug 1 computer directly into their modem and if the problem persists you can prove it is their problem not yours.
  7. And your assessed value can only go up a maximum amount (3% I think) per year. That helps keeps folks from being taxed out of their home. Say someone on a fixed income has been living in their home for 40 years if they had to pay property tax based on current value there is a good chance that they would not be able to afford the taxes.
  8. I was having a similar issue with Mediacom. Mediacom told me they did not see a problem. I wrote an app that pinged google DNS ( every minute and created a log of when it was connected and was not connected. After 2 days of logging I contacted them again and offered to send them a copy of the log showing the connection was dropping 3-5 times per hour and for up to 20 min at a time. They sent me a new modem. Same thing so I bought a new router. Same thing. They came out and replaced the coax run from the box outside into the modem. Same issue. I got on nextdoor.com and
  9. Do you need the power of the expedition? If so have you considered the Nissan Armada?
  10. It could also be that AMEX charges the vendor considerably more than Visa and MC. At least they did back when I ran a retail shop.
  11. I got my check yesterday and have not filed 2020 yet.
  12. Are you still only looking at 2 Offsite workers? If so have you thought about putting a Synology NAS at each of their homes and having them sync with the Synology at the office? I think they are supposed to do that but have not tried it yet myself.
  13. Because it has to be taken from the people who earned it to give it to the welfare Xbox guy so he can buy his Cheetos and beer. Why not let the people who earned it spend it on what they want. If Xbox guy wants to buy Cheetos and beer he should get off his ass, work, and spend $$ he earned. I work 9 hours a day at my day job and then 2-3 hours after that on a side gig so that I can get ahead so yea I have an opinion of F the lazy bastards. If I can work 12 hours a day they can at least work 6.
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