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  1. If all you are changing is the sail area and the way that it is changing is by extending the effective mast higher to fit a larger sail, you are increasing the power of the sail while moving the power higher above the water. I would guess that will make you less stable in heavy winds unless you've also made changes below the waterline. You might be faster in light to moderate winds though and I would expect that you'll find some adjustments to the response of the rudder too, but I'm not certain.
  2. I used watered down bleach on my plastic coated snark years ago and seemed fine. I think a mild detergent might be a safe place to start.
  3. Like so many things, it's the stated, official length that matters, not how long you can make it.
  4. If you can find one in good repair, maybe a Lido14 or a C14/14.2. Here in the southwest, both are sailed in similar situations and while the 2x200# will likely put strain on either, I'm certain that I've seen some carrying near to the #350-400 mark.
  5. It is a struggle, but yes. Also, if he's out on it, I'm out in my kayak nearby to help and he only gets to practice solo in a tiny, shallow lake. It is definitely heavy for him to right it.
  6. While I have taught my boys to sail on the Force 5, I would only suggest it if you are willing to buy the Short Rig sail and cap for the mast mid-section. It can be easy to get into trouble with light weight and that big sail. It definitely has enough space for two kids or you and a kid in it, though. Edit: Crappy pic of my 7 year old and me using the standard sail to show size comparison with two people in it (we use Short rig for my 10yr old when he has gone out on his own)
  7. Might be the best selling point right there. Plus obligatory Step Brothers image
  8. Dave, As a software and digital product Product Manager, it is inspiring to learn about hardware product and supply chain management from you. Thank you for all that you and your team share here.
  9. from the RWU website, their learn to sail program uses FJs.
  10. Congratulations! Looks pretty decent from that pic.
  11. @Dave Clark, now that we're in May for this Taurus-born Rocket and you've been working on the 2021 production goals, how's it going? /Image of Rocket hull in production stolen from Fulcrum Speedworks Facebook page/
  12. There's no question that it can be done...hell, I have carried both of my force 5s on the roof of vehicles. I'm suggesting that it isn't ideal. Solo'ing the car-top of 140lbs spread across 14ft of aging fiberglass requires thinking through the effort smartly and sometimes (for example: if the height of the vehicle, weight of the boat, and the person are a total mismatch) it would require addition of managed levers, wheels and a knowledge of "how", those things you suggested. All I said was that it isn't as simple as "throw it on the roof," which you seem to agree with.
  13. As a Force 5 apologist, I have to note that the force 5 has a steel rudder assembly that I like to think adds a bit more than the plastic sunfish version. However, I absolutely agree that the 130-140lb weight, along with the 14ft length is a bit more than "throw it in the bed".
  14. When it gets dry, it gets brittle and begins to crack and flake. I had a Lockley Sea Devil made from the same methods (later called the Snark Sea Skimmer) and at about 35 years of age, the ABS was rather brittle and water entered the foam core whenever it was sailed. Fortunately, the full foam core means that it just gets heavier as it gets waterlogged instead of sinking. Hull repair wasn't something I tackled on that one, so I can't speak to that.
  15. That is coming along incredibly well! I think the lower, glassed supports make sense and thanks for taking the time to show them. Gives me hope and inspiration on my own projects to see you moving on this amazing dutchman.
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