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  1. Hi all, thanks thank yo for all the support! I had a packed past months, and I could not work on advancing on this project. However I got some updates, and possibly follow up questions. Answering to your questions: @George Dewey I did not sort this out, so I would appreciate your input. Thank you! @us7070 How do you configure the GNX display to detect,read the custom channels? DOes THe expedition have a proprietary setting to "send custom Garmin data over nmea" as an option? Which displays do you use instead? we found the 120 to be better displays than the B&G
  2. @fsiljelof, We are running H5000 and GNX120 in the boat I sail in. I totally agree that GNX120 documentation is not the best, and that they ship outdated. In our setup, we use the H5000 as a processor. In the Data Sources in H5 we select the source we want to use (for the anenometer might be obvious, but for GPS you may have more than one antenna). Then, you can select in the GNX the source for each Data field, you will be able to select the source as well, so make sure you are selecting the source from the H5000. Notice also that for some data fields in GNX you might be able
  3. Hello everyone, First, thanks to everyone in this community. I've been learning a lot form your contribution! I am currently sailing in a boat that has a H5000 Hercules with GNX120 displays. I am having some trouble in integrating both of them, specialy as I did not find enough documentation on the Garmin GNX120. Does somebody know about these displays? I have a couple of questions: 1) I am willing to see the Heel & pitch data, but I cannot find them as data/sources from the displays. I do see this data in H5000 and Zeus. Maybe the GNX120 need to be updated? Can I d
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