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  1. Yes, the double kayak is the faster boat right now. If they have gas in the tank to go...
  2. I'll admit I'm totalling nerding out on the trackers today. I'm watching Superfreak's track making it's way up the ICW, and it's made me speculate (for next year and also trying to guess their next move) : could a sailboat potentially 'break out' of the ICW and get into Florida Bay by way of Panhandle Key? They would still have headwinds, but maybe a little more room for longer tacks, and they could avoid the narrow channels at Shell Key Bank and Cowpens Cut. Just saw they've tacked back into the ICW. Perhaps this route's viability will remain speculation for another year.
  3. Whatever the boat in the news clip is, it looks like a crew should be able to right it. But if they're cold, wet, tired, or anything else is going wrong, then of course all bets are off.
  4. I think Dawn Patrol had a blue hull last year.
  5. Race Owl shows one Double Male CS 20 crewed by WhiteBeard and NoWhiteBeard. Last OK was almost 24 hours ago (correction 36 hours) well north of Gordons Pass. Is Dawn Patrol their boat? https://maps.findmespot.com/Track?ishr=77794dfe-ea7f-4ee3-b5e2-ab5f010795ae#live/assets
  6. It seems like quite a coincidence. Whoever it is, I'm glad they're okay.
  7. I think someone mentioned here that they knew someone who deferred their entry to next year. R2AK's rules stipulate that fees are refunded in the event of a cancellation. Those who can afford to may choose to support the organization by deferring their entry rather than take a refund
  8. I floated the idea of unofficial 'training events' earlier in this thread but it didn't take off. I'm not on the west coast. I'm not advocating for organizing events during covid19, but maybe something in the future? I wonder if there's an existing social networking platform that would be good for organizing local events. Facebook? On a forum like this one? My idea is that people want to get together to sail, possibly compete, or just have a shared route / experience without paying a large entrance fee.
  9. If they don't get apprehended at the border, they'll find northern BC towns have their own form of rough justice.
  10. There's so much we don't know about the circumstances. It's tempting to say how I could have made different decisions, but maybe he took the best decision available to him.
  11. In good conscience, the NWMC should cancel the event. But if the event organizer isn't self isolating, that gives an indication of how serious he thinks covid19 is. IMHO pretty disrespectful to the native inhabitants along the coast.
  12. @SeattleB how does it work with your entry fee? I can't speak to conditions on the west coast, but I'd be surprised if it wasn't cancelled
  13. I've got a decent paying job, but flying across the country for a weekend is a little too rich for me. Anyone in for a 'Round Georgian Bay' race?
  14. I do like the idea of more events along the same lines that are less organized and have little or no cost. Obviously the timing sucks and borders are closed, but they could be a little league leading up to the big event
  15. Someone suggested doing an unofficial R2AK. Someone else noticed a fleet of sailboats on an AIS tracking board. Similar area to R2AK. The number of boats seemed unlikely, I posted a screen shot of the website showing ten boats in a fleet, and then a screenshot of only one fishing vessel in the same general area at the same time.
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