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  1. I did it, really pretty easy to do with a wood burner. It isn't the best job ever but it provides extra grip.
  2. Most of us carry Glock 43s, 43X's or Glock 26s off duty and for concealed carry. I carry a Glock 19 off duty quite a bit. I hear from lots of people that Glocks feel clunky or square. Once you get used to them there is no better fighting pistol made. I attend and instruct many firearm classes a year and above any other brand Glocks do not have issues. If they do have issues it is because someone put a non factory part in the gun. I'll modify the outside, but won't touch the internals. They are incredibly reliable. I have my fathers old service glock he was issued in 2000. It has
  3. We issue Glock 17s in 9mm, but officer can carry their own firearms if they qualify. I currently carry a Glock model 45 in 9mm with a red dot on it. Basically anything I carry pistol wise is a Glock of some sort, but this is what I trust my life to daily. The red dot allows me to shoot under night vision with the tactical unit without having an IR laser mounted to the gun. I am qualified on several other Glock 9mm pistols and rotate between them depending on what I am doing on any particular day.
  4. Many schools now have officers assigned to them, which I think is awesome and a great way to keep the schools and students safer. The problem is, many times those officers are used to handle administrative issues vs. Legal issues. As for cuffing a 6 year old, I do think it is crazy to do and I can't see it being a reasonable thing. But I can also see how it has gotten to where it happens. Teachers are not allowed to physically discipline at all or even touch a student. So now you have a student who is physically acting out, what's the solution, call the officer who has no training
  5. No, not at all, what ever you define an assault weapon as. If you mean AR15s and similar weapons I fully believe law abiding citizens have the intrinsic right to own weapons, and honestly believe many current firearms laws infringe upon that right. But I know gun conversations on here spiral usually, so if you want to debate guns, let start a new thread and I will comment there all you want.
  6. Pretty rare for a cop to be sued personally thanks to qualified immunity, plus they would almost always rather go after the deep pockets the city has compared to broke police officer who spends his money on sails, guns, and ammo.
  7. Yep, two times I have been the primary witness for my PD when we were sued. One was a subject who was unconscious in their home that was on fire. In the process of dragging their 275lbs body out of their home on my own I allowed a screen door to close on the side of their head which caused them to need stitches. My body camera captured the entire incident on camera in stunning detail. The city ended up paying a small sum to make them go away. The second time I tackled a suspect in a felony domestic violence incident as he ran away from the house. It was icy and sleeting. When i cau
  8. I have had several citizens assist me over my career. So far none of them have ever been sued, not saying it can't happen. Two different times they left the area before i got a name or anything from them, so they have zero chance of getting sued because the report stated that an unknown/anonymous citizen assisted catch the suspect.
  9. Remember situations like this when you see officers approach what appears to be an innocent situation with extreme caution. It is sad that even an officer who I stopping to assist someone needs to approach like they may be assaulted, but it is far to common that they are assaulted. This one made the news, but I personally know other officers, and I myself have been assaulted when I stopped to assisted a broke down driver.
  10. I am a dog person, I have three and grew up helping my dad training pointers. With that in mind I am really careful around dogs when on calls. As you pointed out many times the owners are nervous and the dogs know that. The worst situations are alarm calls, the public expects officers to check their back doors and such. When a dog is suddenly surprised by an unknown person in their back yard they usually do not respond well. I have my whistle technique I use to try and get their attention before I enter the yard, yet have still had to beat a hasty retreat on several occasions.
  11. Sadly a police officers job takes them into some not nice areas and many time the dog owners there have dogs that are not very socialized. I haven't had to shoot one yet, but have been very close a few times. I have probably pepper sprayed 30 or 40 in my time as an officer. One of my good friends was bit by a dog on duty and due to a tendon being torn in his arm he was forced to be off work for almost a year. Getting bit is a very serious thing. With all that said I have seen plenty of videos where I didn't think the officer was justified in shooting a dog. I have no idea in th
  12. Thanks Clean, I am well aware of his death. After seeing the crime scene that morning there is no death he could have experienced that would have been painful enough in my mind. He forced a 9 year old girl to listen to and witness most of what occurred that night. Her mom is the one that survived. After mom got transported to the hospital I babysat the girl for a while, she even got to eat my Braums breakfast I had just picked up and had in my patrol car when the call came out. That man was true evil if I have ever seen it.
  13. Appreciate the concern, sadly I just got to witness how this job can affect someone. A good friend and training partner of mine who specialized in the medical side of the tactical community here in Oklahoma took his own life about a week ago. I had taught a two week course with him in November and had no idea anything was wrong. That's the third person I knew in this field who took their own life. The sad reality is mental health isn't talked about much in the field. We are all expected to be tough guys and just deal with it. I have my outlets and make sure I keep an e
  14. He was getting some very unpleasant gas pumped into the house and was using a combination of submerging himself in bathtubs and coating himself in vegetable oil to combat the unpleasant effects. He had a real rough day overall that included some bean bag rounds, some 40mm less lethal impact weapons rounds, and all the gas we could put into that house. We did everything we could to not shoot him and he did everything he could to get shot. He pointed the hunting rifle at our armored vehicle man times, we responded with less lethal every time until finally the 40mm round caused the rifle to be d
  15. So I don't know how it works everywhere, but many places have a victims compensation fund. A portion of the fees paid by any criminal go towards it and it is held to reimburse those who have financial burdens due to the actions of criminals. I observed it get used when our tactical unit was called out to a house where a burglar had broken in and when the patrol officers arrived he barricaded the door and picked up a deer rifle he found in the home and fired off a few rounds. The tactical unit showed up and after 6 hours were able to take the subject into custody with minimal injury. Unfor
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