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  1. Awesome tri. Saw it off Valencia some years ago (2016 I think), doing some testing of whatever systems. Bit daunting that thing flying passed you 8 times and making you feel like you are at anchor...........
  2. Shame about the ClubSwan 80, as that looks an awesome yacht. I will have to change my avatar now!
  3. Spotted in Palma at the STP boat yard, the Rapido 50. Briefly spoke to the boat manager Marco (the guy in the photo) as we were about to be lifted out of the water, so I couldn´t stay long. Lots of repairs and changes happening. He said seatrials were succesful, although in light winds and a flat sea and with the main and solent only, but the folding remains a "shit show" as he described it. But they are changing the logistics of it all and try and get this resolved to a usable and safe folding system. Marco was more positive about things than the last time I spoke to him. He said a tremendous
  4. I was on a long delivery, from Curaçao to Palma, with a stop over in Lanzarote due to engine issues. Happy to see the Rapido 50 now finally with a proper mast. The mast and boom look an awesome piece of kit. The Rapido 50 itself looks a building site. Although I was not going to respond here anymore, I had to respond about one thing: Paul Koch: "Also seems the weight was overstated in the past by a significant amount . It's new light ship weight including rig and sails is 8275 kg as weighed by the owners rep." Now that is rich coming from you Paul, as Rapido sold the boat with a
  5. And to all the Wess´s, Hanniballs and Monkeys here: you have no idea what you are talking about, but seem to have some weird love affair with your guru Paul Koch. Anything he says must be true. Well, good luck with that. I at least have seen this boat for real, have had the grand tour yesterday, had dinner with the owner and the manager of the boat and will go back in one hour again to continue looking at the boat. You losers, just sit behind a PC and know shit. You just assume. Wess even questioned if the email from the boat manager was real. Wait till I start posting photos of what I h
  6. I think you do not understand this boat. I have seen one side unfold only yesterday, so have seen its mechanics. There is not going to rise anything here. the beams are held down by substantial struts, fixed to the middle of the beams. And I mean substantial. There are huge, connected to both sides of the beam. It forms a totally rigid connection between amas and mainhull, give or take a few mm.
  7. I don´t, but can probably make one soon. But, don´t forget the mast, rigging, halyards and sails are not on yet. That is like 700-750kgs alone. Then all the gear, beer and people need to go on. As the boat manager described, by the time the boat is sail ready it will be 10+ tonnes. That will for sure affect the waterline again. You can see the antifouling of the floats is too low. There is a green slime line on the waterline, above the antifouling. That will only get worse.
  8. Really. And the owner of the boat was promised there would be access to the floats. We talked about it today in fact. I forgot to make a photo of that. I am going back there tomorrow, so I will make that photo, so you can see. Totally stupid setup if you ask me. Like "Honey, can you get the foot pump, as the fenders are a little low on air. It is in the float, right?". Ok, honey, let me just start the engine, unplug 230v, take the passerelle off, undo all the mooring lines, motor to an open area in the harbour, unfold, get the pump out and do everything again in reverse order".
  9. When the neighbour is out, use the space! But it also as it is the only way you can access the interior of the floats. In folded position, that is impossible.
  10. I very much would like to know that too. A totally unfounded remark, I think.
  11. Besides the Dragonlfy system being a lot easier to operate and more elegant to see in a marina. Today is my viewing day of the Rapido 50 in Palma! Looking forward to it.
  12. I like hydranet and if I were to go round the world, I would certainly consider it. I sail a lot of Oysters, HR´s and Contests and many of the serious long distance equipped ones, do have hydranet in some form or shape. Or at least their staysails and mains and a lighter genoa. Hydranet can take a pounding and is still somewhat ok to repair yourself. But.....it is heavy.
  13. @Wess, I sent you a PM. This is 100% true and first hand info, including the name of the writer.
  14. Got permission from the guy who looks after the Rapido 50, to post his email reply to me in full. I like his way of dealing with things. Here it is: -------------- Hello, So I looked at this forum you told me about and some of the content. My god, what an emotional bunch. I think I would prefer to be confined in a room with a large group of women with synchronised PMS. In answer to your questions, I think I better explain a few things and to draw the bigger picture here. Firstly, take the emotion out of the equation. I.e. looking at this forum, everybody is assuming, bicker
  15. No @jdazey, I am not saying that. I fully agree with you in fact, they are benchmark people in their days and have done a lot for the upcoming of multihulls. But, outdated on many points too. I even have that book on the shelve, somewhere. What I am saying is, things have moved on a bit and this is where I have to give Paul Koch credit (with M&M) that they brought things to new levels. The engineering that has gone into the Rapido 50 (which I know a bit more about by now) is pretty awesome. That side of things, no one can deny. PS. I am still laughing about "cuntfuckery" and all that!
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