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  1. They seem to have ZERO quality management at Rapido. The result is floating in Palma. It is beyond a joke. Just like the CE mark the boat has. Probably just paid for as when I visited the boat, it was blatently clear no inspection had been done by any serious CE inspector.
  2. I KNOW it isn´t true. That´s the difference between me and you. you are just guessing and assuming, like most here. @sail(plane): I said this before, I do not have a second agenda. I considered a Rapido 50, together with a buddy of mine. I would be using it in the (EU) summer and then sail is to the BVI´s where he would use it during EU winter, etc. But then I saw the boat. It was like a slap in my face. To date, I still cannot believe it all. And it actually made me mad/angry that this was even possible that a boat builder would send out something like this. So, my "agenda" is to warn pe
  3. This is exactly what I mean. "It has been stated here", like so many other things have been stated here by Koch. Doesn´t mean it is true.
  4. @MultiThom I suppose you are right. For some reason the people moving there to build boats think, that if you pay 3 dollars a day plus a bowl of rice (as the boat manager of the R50 described it) you get the same quality as say a boat builder in say the UK, France or Holland. After what I have seen: I would never EVER buy anything that floats from that part of the world. And as QC is concerned: at Rapido they have none. I have seen the result floating in Palma. All the money you think you have saved buying the boat cheap, you pay afterwards in repairs and upgrades and unfucking it. I
  5. Doesn´t anyone strike it as odd, that after all this time and announcements from Koch about upcoming launches and multiple sales of trimarans, there is NO news about any launching of any Rapido since the disaster Rapido 50 no 1? Ok, maybe Koch doesn´t want to react here anymore as his BS gets exposed, but you would think that by now Rapido had proudly announced the launch of the next R50 and the first R40 and this Aussie couple starting the build of their Rapido 60. Either on their website, Facebook page or in sailing mags. But, nothing at all. The Rapido 50 no 1 spent 3 months in a boat
  6. It was James Wharram who got me interested in multihulls. When quite a bit younger, I was seriously considering builing a Tiki 38. I loved the simplicity of his designs.
  7. Veeger, I appreciate your post, but you really write a load of shite. Most people with a lot have money, tend to have a lot more sense than you and me and all of you here together. Probably why they are very rich and we are not (ok, there are exeptions, i.e. lottery winners, drug trafficers and Youtube celebs). I work for a small group of very wealthy individuals and my task is to get their yachts delivered and ready to whatever part of the world they want it to be. A super job, if I may say so, as I get to sail the most awesome yachts you can imagine. And of course, these people buy only the
  8. Sail(plane), I have no agenda except making people aware of the actual truth and not what Mr Koch wants us to believe as it suits him a lot better. I find that deplorable. He is just reguarly lying and blaming other people, so he looks good and you nearly want to hug him. And I did advise you: get informed and go speak to the people in Palma who deal with the R50. They will tell you, good and bad, of how things are. It is not all bad, of course not, but a lot is. But that is not the point I am trying to get across here. I was very keen on this boat, when I first learned about it. It is a
  9. Hahahaha, I have no idea mate. It just sounded about right. Thanks for putting me straight!
  10. No, I was told this was decided purely by Rapido. And the owner warned Rapido about the VAT consequences, but Rapido decided to ignore that, which caused another 2 months delay with the boat just lying there in it´s slip (that is when I viewed the boat). Remember some pages back Koch blamed Covid for the delay in the mast delivery? But please ProaSailor, don´t believe me. I hope you buy a Rapido. You deserve one.
  11. I will try and ask for some photos. But for some reason this subject is sensitive and the boat´s manager is not willing to share much about the subject.
  12. This is yet another issue the owner of the R50 is FURIOUS about. He specifically did not want hull #1, for obvious reasons. It was clearly stated in the sales contract, he was buying hull #2 (I had a lenghty conversation about it earlier this year, when I viewed the boat). Paul Koch´s partner and co-owner of Rapido was going to have hull #1, like he had the #1 R60, which also makes sense, as it can be used as a test and sales boat. Plus, this was actually what pulled this owner over the line to buy the Rapido 50. But then he got butt fucked into hull #1, as the co-owner of Rapido pulled out of
  13. I think he does both, as he explained in detail why the bowsprit had failed. I have been told they (Rapido) knew it was a wrong/poor design. Yet they made it and shipped it. People could have been seriously hurt when the bowsprit snapped off. When it happened, they had an experienced crew on board, as they were testing the J1 for the first time, so they could contain the situation quickly. Imagine it was the rather unexperienced owner with this girlfriend. Such a joke all this.
  14. Buy a Porsche 911 Turbo 4S. Then you can go fast.
  15. I actually agree mostly with what you write, except that on my own boat and when alone, I never use a spinaker. I use and tweak my Code-0 as a down wind sail, usually even with the main down. All very overseable and still making good speed. The new in-mast furlers are sailing and performance wise much improved to the old triangle pieces of cloth from before. BUT, when the shit hits the fan, it truly does. I think you are a little wrong about the Med though. People always think it is some inland sea. The worst waves and winds ever, I experienced in the Med. And let me tell you, I have
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