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  1. Pogo II is the ticket. Let me know if you want to send her to a new home. Currently chasing down rumours that there are 2 on Lake Ontario somewhere. Ive been trying to track down Diane Reids. She sold it to a gent in Bronte Harbour and it has since moved on from there. Myth has it it was spotted at Port Credic YC in 2018 but they have no memory of it. NA based Mini are the stuff of myth and legend... The hunt continues.
  2. Ah I wish I had that kind of funding, or the legs to attract some sponsors and live there for two seasons. If I went there now I'd be sleeping on a bench and not even have a sial bag to keep me warm. Turbskies is the only way forward for this pirate. Day job paying for a boat kinda scene over here. A couple o' folks in this MT have been able to rent boats to get things moving. So if theres anyone out there in NA with a Mini just sitting around ... please message me
  3. An equivelant Mini Series Pogo II or Maxi in the EU that has CAT A ratings and inspections from this season goes for about $52,000 US at asking price.
  4. Long time lurker first time poster @JonRowe and @M26 I am NA based and have become super keen on the Mini series. Toying with schedules and funding it is really tricky to do on a shoestring budget. I am in for a turbo season 2023 and hoping to get some lots of miles in 2022, along side continuing to work a bit, and lots of advice before that. If anyone knows of a Series Mini for sale in NA please let me know! Also if anyone has some experience fundraising for these Mini campaigns on the wrong side of the pond I would be forever greatful to recieve some tips on approaches and ROI spins for cor
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