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  1. Everyone's moving to Texas. Here's why Californians are leaving. The traumas of the past few years have rearranged all of our lives. Many Americans have new needs, new desires, new possibilities and new priorities. They’re looking for bigger homes, second homes or any home at all. They’re searching for work — or trying to escape work. Some fear encroaching heat, fire or flood. Others are repulsed by bitter local politics. Many simply hear the distant siren of a better life elsewhere. We’re here to help. First, we gathered data for thousands of towns and cities on more than 30 metrics
  2. And Brigadier General Jack D. Ripper was right on the money.
  3. Vigilante justice and the end of America Two recent vigilante killing trials, one in Georgia, the other in Wisconsin, have exposed a terrifying trend of armed citizens who, in the name of justice, only make America less safe and portend a future of fear, intimidation and increasing violence. They also raise a question that haunts me: How the hell did we get here? When did we start permitting Americans to take the law into their own hands? In the first trial, teen shooter Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty of murdering two men he shot to death during a racial-justice protest i
  4. TFG probably has a plastic surgeon on retainer fo her periodic tuneups.
  5. “Fauci is a fraud—big pharma is playing us for suckers. Dr. Boros.” But Boros has remained so convinced of the drug’s value that he put his 97-year-old father, Carl Arfa, on it along with himself. His father, sensibly, then decided to get something proven to work against COVID: the vaccine. A bunch of moroons. Where did these clowns go to med school? They need to recall their degrees.
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