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  1. EB has a swiss sailing team, so that would be no problem for him. Yes, his sailing team has been Swiss for some years now. And he already has a design team, the creators of the TF35 class. People with long AC experience. https://tf35.org/tf35-articles/about-the-designers
  2. You won't be disappointed, it's really interesting . It's one side of the story, but it's really full of details ! I really enjoyed it. Edit : and yes, I love the word "really". Really
  3. And when I was a kid, I asked this to Santa Claus. Great book as well :
  4. Really amazing book Renn, it has been my birthday gift this year, and for Christmas I bought this : Really great book, with fantastic pics by Gilles Martin Raget. I bought the Kindle edition, but it's worth to buy the paper version.
  5. Mi sa che gli amici di Sailbiz o ci leggono o si sono resi conto da soli che la musichetta forse era un po' invadente, qui il nuovo video senza l'improvvido ritornello
  6. Assolutamente !! Io e @strider470 ci saremo sicuramente !!
  7. Replica di un video di un anno fa ripostato recentemente, ma comunque super interessante. Max racconta aneddoti avvincenti e divertenti Max, io non so se ci leggi. Ma se per caso lo fai, e credo di dirlo a nome di tutti qui (italiani e non), PER FAVORE, scrivi quel libro
  8. @17mika I hope to be in Malcesine in September to watch the show !
  9. I'm almost sure that at the end we'll have a "normal" AC, with all the teams of this edition plus one/two more, maybe three. It's in ETNZ interest to have the best edition possible, in order to found other sponsors. And by the way, I don't think Emirates will leave them. Maybe they'll reduce the funding, but I don't think they're gonna turn off the tap. They won, they had great exposure. They did far better than Milan or Real Madrid.
  10. And is also particularly interesting when Max speak about LR as a team that could participate in other sailing competitions. TP52 ? Or maybe some other foiling competitions ? (Not SailGP I think).
  11. From what I understood Max Sirena, in a recent interview, told that TH will be again in charge, and that AM is ready to start. It will be interesting to see if he'll keep DB at the helm, or maybe put there PG. I'm expecting also a great synergy between AM and the Usa Olympic sailing team, now led by Paul Cayard.
  12. One of the young helmsman could easily be Ruggero Tita, that helmed both the "mini Moon" and LR B1 in this campaign. He left the team to train for the Olympics (Nacra 17). Beside, having a couple of other helmsmen would allow to sail B1 vs B2 (until it is prohibited).
  13. Bah, onestamente dubito di tutte le dichiarazioni di Dalton & Co. da quando sono stati messi sotto indagine dalla MBIE. Credo che ETNZ non abbia solo problemi nel farsi dare piĆ¹ fondi dal Governo, ma anche su come amministrarli. Non credo che potranno gestirli in totale autonomia, l'atteggiamento di Dalton ha rovinato i rapporti con certi enti governativi e anche con una parte dell' opinione pubblica e degli organi di informazione. Tutto il casino di Mayo e Calder, i campi di regata B e C eliminati e poi salvati dall' Harbor Master, le indagini della MBIE, i tre milioni prestati da AC
  14. I hope you are right. However, I didn't want to be disrespectful to an institution in the history of sailing. I think there would be nothing wrong if they wanted to do such a thing anyway. It is their right to win in every way, I think this is the true spirit of the America's Cup. Regarding Ineos, for now I think the same way of Cassandra: I fear the Greeks even when they bring gifts.
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