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  1. From what I understand in the various interviews (of members of all teams, not only LR) there are two types of simulator. When sailors talk about simulator, they mean the “drive” simulator, like the one in the photo. But when designers talk about it, they mean the design-simulator, the Gomboc so to speak. I had the impression that ETNZ and LR were very confident about Gomboc (and the people working on it), I clearly remember Max talking about having two of the founding partners at LR while the other two were in ETNZ. I founded Sumtozero by chance, they never said the name of the firm.
  2. https://sumtozero.com/2021/02/gomboc-vs-gomboc/ As we saw in the last AC, ETNZ and LR used the same simulator. The company owning the software (that is SumtoZero) is made up of members / former members of ETNZ and LR. I believe it is the simulator created for the Bermuda edition, in which in fact the LR core group joined the Kiwis. it is likely that both LR and ETNZ will keep this simulator, indeed, they will certainly develop it further. So my question is : is it possible that the real purpose of the partnerships of Ineos with Merc and and Alinghi with Red Bull F1 team (this on
  3. I don't know about Moth, but kite-foil will be for sure at Paris 2024. And the races are simply gorgeous to watch. Above an example. https://www.sailing.org/news/91028.php#.YVopu0ZBx0s
  4. https://www.whatpassport.com/countries/Australia/Passport_and_Nationality/British_Nationality_for_an_Australian I think it could be easy for Tom S. to have a UK passport, given that there are some facilitations for Commonwealth nations. But, wasn't he rumored to sign with AM ?
  5. https://www.oasport.it/2021/09/americas-cup-ernesto-bertarelli-sulla-partecipazione-di-alinghi-ci-faccio-un-pensierino-sempre/ EB about Alinghi challenge for the 37AC : “We hope they'll let us know the place and the Rule of the next edition because it will be an interesting challenge. Speeds of 120-130 km / h will be reached and you'll have to get used to helmets, a bit like in F1. To beat the title holders, the challengers need to be strong and go into the water often. For our part, the little thought is always to be at the start " Bertarelli admitted to the microphones of Rai."
  6. It was a question asked to Max during one of the last interviews, if PB or Prada had something to say about the design, but he told that the only thing they ask for is a fast boat, not a "beautiful" one. Of course PB and Prada choose the colors of the various parts of the boat, the aesthetics in general.
  7. Really interesting. In all the last LR interviews both Max and Horacio Carabelli told that the aerodynamics of Te Rehutai was the key factor in the Kiwi boat.
  8. Thanks ! I think they were 34 / 35 I have to check in the video but it's too long (1 hour and 16)
  9. Max talked a lot about that AC in an interview with the Centro velico Caprera. Regarding the power mainsheets, he told a funny story. "To move the winches we mounted the engine of a BMW 1 series. Two Austrian technicians came with the engine, they were also the mechanics for the Mini Cooper in the Paris - Dakar race. They were two genius, they had this container that seemed like something of NASA. Nobody was allowed to enter in there. They lightened and rebuilt the whole engine, They made it go from weighing 300 kg to 140 kg. They also powered it up to 400 horsepower, instead of 190. Ju
  10. ^ Uhm I think any COR ever won the Cup
  11. Nice! But the wealthiest team as COR maybe is a little too close. Here a quote from Philip II the Macedon (Alexander the Great's father) : "No fortress that a mule laden with gold can reach is inexpugnable". And Ineos has a lot "gold"
  12. @Rennmaus @porthos @Xlot thank you for the explanations. I have another question. I seem to remember that among NYSC's motivation there was also something like "I can't force an American team and their families to go to an unsafe place." So I have two questions actually. The first: am I wrong, is this just a fantasy of mine? The second: if I'm not wrong, could this be used as a precedent to disqualify Jeddah? I'm trying to find the full sentence anyway.
  13. And UK too. I don't think Ineos will be very happy about Jeddah. And let's remember that if they disagree with ETNZ, it's a DoG match all over again. Which brings up the old question "Why did ETNZ choose Ineos, the wealthiest challenger, as COR ? https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice/saudi-arabia/terrorism “There are posts on jihadist websites and social media encouraging attacks against British, western and other interests, including teachers, schools, oil workers, residential compounds, military, transport and aviation interests, as well as crowded places, including restaurants
  14. If GD brings the Cup to KSA, he wins a ticket to NY Supreme Court 40 seconds after the announcement. Could NYCSC at that point impose the location of the 37AC? @Rennmaus I seem to remember that Valencia was imposed to Alinghi and Oracle by them. Am I right ? From the U.S Department of State: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/traveladvisories/traveladvisories/saudi-arabia-travel-advisory.html "Do not travel to Saudi Arabia due to COVID-19. Reconsider travel to Saudi Arabia due to the threat of missile and drone attacks on civilian facilities. Exercise incr
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