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  1. Thank you for the tips. Really appreciate all of the helps from SA.
  2. HAHA, I already subscribe to you since last year. It is good to see you in person
  3. Currently with RS quest, and there are some JY and then lasers available for us to sail on
  4. Thanks for the pointers on Higher and Faster. I will look for those videos. Also I thought about the same thing with setup basic tiller on land, would love to see your setup too.
  5. Thanks for the tips. GoPro is good idea, will try it out. Watching competitive crews' videos is great idea. I will search for them. If you have a few mind, please do share.
  6. Oh yeah definitely, small circle is something I am trying to practice in. Thanks for helping me confirm on this
  7. Mostly I am focus on dinghy.. from RS quest to JY and whatever the 'next level' are
  8. Thank you! I will check them out. Appreciate the information
  9. Yeah, definitely. I am just trying to soak up as much info as I can. So I can make my practice more focus. (I am member at CSC, also sail keelboats out off Sausalito)
  10. Aside from YouTube videos here and there. Anyone knows where I can find resources for learning in one place or in more systematic way? Thank you!
  11. I think have a thin client makes sense. I think have it open source makes a lot of sense, and Python is pretty powerful/flexible for the task. I am not familiar with CircuitPython...can you tell me more?
  12. @RantyDave Looks great. Looking forward to see more about this. And would love to get involved, if you need extra software help.
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