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  1. Try using 3M fine line tape. Works great for that application
  2. I did a job using the 2 part Epifanes , seemed like really good stuff. It was easy to apply and get a good finish, at least compared to Perfection. I find Perfection to be a little too thin and somewhat finicky. I too would be very interested in a real world review of Alexseal.
  3. Respectfully disagree. Most of the tow captains I know are pretty thorough in their knowledge of how to unground a boat. It's almost never easy. Sometimes! Yeah, if too many things in a row go wrong it's all downhill. Hip towing is pretty limited, gives really poor maneuverability. You can pretty much only turn to the side the tow is on, so in this case you'd have to start off in the shoal water to push the right direction. maybe some mainsail sheeted in hard? just have to be sure they don't run over you when they pop off. Seriously, you have to work
  4. The Seatow captain was initially pulling from the wrong angle, when he cut out to starboard things when much better. The other two boats were TowboatUS, so not sure how they coordinate together at Boca. Pat
  5. Pretty sure it's Richard Woods that has the floats along the outside of the gunnels on one of his dinghy designs. We built one of his Crayfish designs about 19 years ago from a sketch in Multihulls Magazine. I think it's 4mm lightly tortured occume, glassed on the outside, epoxy everywhere. weighs 48 lbs., still going strong. nothing elegant about it, rows okay, carrys a load pretty well. Thin ply works great if you can twist some shape into it. The penetration resistance isn't great, but it's really easy to repair. Pat
  6. I believe Pat Newick still has plans she sells.
  7. That's where ours lead . we had the line come straight up from the centerboard thru a tube on the back of the compression post, went thru the deck, around a turn block and back to a cockpit winch. We had a clutch stopper on it so it could be adjusted to any angle. Having only one bend in the line greatly reduced friction.
  8. Okay. In our boat prior to the daggerboard the centerboard control lines ran thru a tube laminated to the back of the compression post so we could control it from on deck. Same with the daggerboard, except the lines are thru the trunk itself .
  9. Do you plan to replace the compression post that ran from the bottom of the mast to the top of the centerboard trunk?
  10. Try ML Condon in White Planes NY - (914) 368-9021
  11. I would buy an iPad with a Lifeproof waterproof case, purchase the full download version of Navionics and you'll be good to go nav wise. I only used the heading function on our autopilot, never bothered with the wind vane, ended up taking it off. Preferences I'm sure you'll get some replies about the tiller pilots, there may even be a thread or two about them, I'm not familiar enough to have an opinion Pat
  12. Rectangular fabric pockets with mesh fronts work great. Top is held closed with velcro. East to make yourself or have done locally, they weigh nothing and you can see where everything is, no groping around. Fastened to the side with screws thru grommets on the corners Pat
  13. Finally found it, similar but less $$ : https://www.dura-block.com/
  14. https://flexisander.com/
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