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  1. I learned to sail on Barnegat Bay ( Okay, the Toms River ) in a Cape Dory Typhoon. Great little boats. Not that familiar with the Corinthian, but they seem comparable. I'd recommend going with the boat in the best overall condition and get a slip in a decent marina. There's not a large number of moorings are available in the area. Coming to terms with trailer launching/retrieving a keelboat to be able use it would probably take a lot of the fun out of the experience. Pat
  2. Thanks Trovao, he's only been doing this type of work for about 9-10 months and has worked hard at refurbishing this boat. Quite a learning curve. My wife and I originally built it over a 2 year period and a launched in July of 1984.
  3. That's not always true, insurance companies frequently use a particular tow outfit in specific areas, and it may not be one that's available immediately. most tow companies have rules that their captains have to prioritize towing members over non member cash or insurance jobs. Another downside is you typically have to pay for the tow and be reimbursed by your insurance company. Best bet is to ask around and find out who has the best service in your area.
  4. I use the Milwaukee holesaw system, got it from Home Depot. You can swap out the various size holesaws on the same mandrel. On the one I have it's possible to screw the holesaw you need the hole to be on the mandrel and there's enough thread left to screw the holesaw that is the current size hole inside. You end up using the holesaw that's the existing hole as the guide for the correct size one. Probably clear as mud after that explanation...
  5. I like the barstock idea. Play the uphaul and downhaul lines while using the thin stock. Having access to a metal hook like used for manhandling pallets could be useful, you could actually hook onto the offending wedge.
  6. If you only get the $50 Towboatus coverage that comes with a West Marine Gold Advantage membership then you only have $50 worth of towing. If you buy Towboatus unlimited gold membership at West Marine when they're having discount days you get Unlimited Gold towing. 2 completely different gold memberships. And yeah, it kinda sucks they have the same package name. Around here the CG don't normally offer tows, but will take people off the boat if they're in danger .
  7. An average tow is around $800, so $160 ( or less with discounts thru West Marine or a boat show) isn't a bad deal. Minimum coverage that is worth having is Unlimited. If you keep your boat somewhere there's no repair facility you might want to upgrade to Unlimited Gold, which is $20/year more. You have to be a member a minimum of 30 days for the dock to dock feature to be active though. If you have Geico hull insurance adding Towboatus unlimited or gold is pretty inexpensive
  8. When I changed our cutlass bearing I cut a pit of pipe that would fit inside the strut but similar to the cutlass bearing length wise, then cut a piece of 1/4" plate larger than the pipe with a slot in it to bear against the split pipe. I used hose clamps to keep the pipe in column, and rented an extremely large gear puller from an auto parts store. Worked great, I may have heated the strut a but with a torch, I don't recall but it had been recommended
  9. We have a powder coated folding grapnel with a fancy storage bag and rhode. Purchased for an inflatable with a high pressure air floor. Doesn't work for shit.
  10. Kershaw assisted opening knife. I like The Clash because of the composite grips, but they come in a lot of styles. Cut thru Spectra easily. Float just like the expensive knives ( not at all! ). Use the pocket clip to always have handy.
  11. I have some old Multihulls Magazines around somewhere. In one of them there was an article about racing in Sweden, and there was a wing val the owner had weighed for competition. I'll have to dig around for it, but don't see that happening too soon. Pat
  12. That sounds pretty much like what ours was doing, with the added feature of no reverse, something Flexofolds usually do pretty well. Good luck!
  13. Ajax, We have a Flexofold 2 blade, so not the same but definitely encountered some drivetrain vibrations that were difficult to trace. Ended up replacing the blades on the prop because the gears were worn and didn't have reverse. After installing the new blades the vibration was gone. Not something you can easily verify yourself, especially while in the water other than changing it out, but hey, if everything else checks out it does have moving parts. Pat
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