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  1. France once again at the bottom of the leaderboard...
  2. How's the wind looking for the Spain Sailgp this weekend?
  3. the latest edition of the this podcast focuses on how the British sailing team has been so successful in the Olympics. A great listen. https://shirleyrobertson.com/podcast/
  4. https://www.sail-world.com/news/242279/France-SailGP-Team-announces-new-driver
  5. there's a 40 kt front with 15 ft waves coming down the lake tomorrow
  6. how long will it take before we actually get some wind at a Sailgp event! I'm getting sick and tired of this! They hype us up with high speed crashes and footage, and instead, we've mostly seen them non- foiling around the course at 10 kts
  7. I was not really expecting such dominance from Slingers, he's won 6 out of 6 races!
  8. https://www.buzzsprout.com/392416/9030232-bar-karate-the-sailing-podcast-ep121-malcolm-page-multiple-gold-medallist A recent podcast with Malcolm Page where about 25min in they talk about US Sailing and their performance at Tokyo.
  9. This is the laser I ended up buying. A 2000 Vanguard in very good condition.
  10. I modified the trailer in the way Bill5 suggested, also gave it a new coat of paint!
  11. well, we can pride ourselves at having the worst Olympic sailing performance in our history. Only two teams got into the medal race, and are best finish was 9th. In the Laser radial we finished in a shocking 37th
  12. the aussie nacra 17 team will be pretty disappointed as well. I would have expected them to at least to have gotten a bronze medal
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