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  1. I would have thought an Oregon club would be suitable given the state motto "Alis volat propriis" (she flies with her own wings)
  2. Don't forget that a true DoG match would be on more open water. So I would think they would end up with bigger, foiling multihulls. But as I say, I don't think it will truly be a DoG match. From Ineos point of view the threat would be enough
  3. Lot of crap in there (quelle surprise). I agree NO is a very good signing. But I think the commentary on B&T is shit. Good for them standing up for their principles around Jeddah IMO. And he misses the risk for NO. Whilst I think he is actually a better sailor than PB, we all know it is a design competition. So yes in 30 years time he could be revered as that guy who steered NZ, or he could derided as that guy who lost the 3-peat after PB won it twice. But obviously he is going to leap at the chance. And NO getting under the skin of the other competitors? Bollocks. They all
  4. Have the signed NO because PB has declined to sign so far, or is this the clarity that PB asked for but didn't want?
  5. @porthosThank you for that analysis. Whilst recognising that no-one can cite any prior ruling, surely the fact that she made that comment at least suggests a possibility (even a significant probability) that another judge today might decide the same and rule that way
  6. Based on a racist assumption that UAE & Saudi must be all the same? UAE are much higher up the human rights ranking tables than KSA so there is not necessarily any inconsistency at all. Inevitably there is an arbitrary choice of where human rights is "good enough" to allow them to have events.
  7. Ratcliffe doesn't need to challenge it in the courts. As I have said he merely has to threaten to decline the protocol and issue a DOG challenge in February. Then the timing means it has to be southern hemisphere. So NZ would have little money and a DOG match Vs a well funded competitor. It's not a bluff ETNZ would call. So if Ratcliffe wants to avoid Jeddah he can. Ross & Dunphy? Can't see much grounds for challenging
  8. Shoot his researchers at the same time. There were a horrifying number of factual errors
  9. You really can be dumb at times can't you. Why the fcuk would he do that just because the yanks are unravelling and Dalton is struggling to get enogh money to fund an oppie campaign?
  10. You assume he has a choice. If we take GD's word as true, then he has said there is insufficient money for a defence in NZ. Ineos can make him choose that option if they want. Alternatively they can wait for no better offshore options to appear Whats GD going to do? Take Auckland money and stick it on all to win on a horse?
  11. We aren't underestimating the relationship, and we are not suggesting that it will really end in a DoG. But neither is Ben going to play patsy and roll over to have his tummy tickled. If he or the Ineos team don't want the event to happen in the ME for any reason, they can easily stop it. And unless GD calls their bluff and insists on a full DoG (which is definitely not in their interest) they can agree on AC75s etc. Yes Ben wants a fair match, but that doesn't mean to say he has to let ETNZ grab everything their hearts (or GDs bank account) desires
  12. I don't think it would be a DoG match in reality, merely the threat of a DoG challenge would be enough to get GD to drop any idea of the ME, but stay in AC75s which I think Ineos would want. But I don't think either party would want an out and out DoG match
  13. They can force it to be Southern hemisphere with the timing of their challenge, and that effectively would mean Auckland (or another venue where ETNZ have even less money)
  14. Because the only reason for ETNZ to go overseas is to get more money. They are the ones saying there isn't enough money for a competitive challenge in Auckland. So by forcing it to be there, Ineos could see an advantage
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