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  1. They have, but they do tend to need to concentrate on one or the other. And inevitably only some transition really well Will someone please persuade Albert Kenny to get into cyclor sailing? He is about 3 now, so another 15 years and we will have a lot of power
  2. I think he could do that. Sort of. Because it is "OR" in the definition of emerging nation. If the challenger meets the emerging nation conditions OR COR/D. So he would qualify as an emerging nation. However it does him no good because 30.3 allows the COR/D to define the number of foreign nationals he could have. And that number could be 0
  3. I can't believe that 4 is associated with anyone in ETNZ. Otherwise some PR person would by now have asked him to shut the fuck up given the damage he does to the reputation of the team and in fact NZ. Nor can I believe he is senior at anything (except age). Unless through nepotism I suppose
  4. But no doubt you disagree with all of it. Whatever it says. I imagine the RNZYS meeting will be quite animated whatever the result
  5. Hence my suggestion of a loophole if someone really wanted to play the game. Don't enter. Then a "completely new and unrelated team that happens to have the same personnel and sponsors" enters, the old one sells the data it collected. I doubt it would happen in that form, but this is the AC, we know there will be some dirty work. Not sure how you audit that no-one does any tank testing anyway
  6. But until the protocol was published they had complete freedom did they not? So who knows what tank testing they have done - already having a good idea on the rule
  7. An interesting trade-off. How much can they gain from sailing their boat more? Getting an AC40 ASAP and start testing foils etc seems a bigger gain to me. Unless they play some loophole where the design and test foils how the hell they want for now, then form a new team which buys the data and happens to have the same sponsors and personnel. This is the AC after all
  8. One of the problems in this arguments is that 4 is like a petulant child who cannot separate what he wants from what the evidence suggests. And then assumes that everyone else is the same Whereas in fact, for example 1) I like and want the nationality rules. I think they favour the UK - look at the Olympics as an example of our strength in sailing ability. It's just that the EU would rule against them in the context I described 2) If/when the UK when I want it to be held in UK waters. Until then I don't really care (but please not KSA). Cork might be good, I just can't see any w
  9. Who holds the trophy? The national sailing authority or the club? Who issued the challenge, national sailing authority or a club? Who signed the protocol agreeing nationality rules?
  10. The European club trophies are between clubs from different countries. No nationality restrictions allowed. Very comparable case
  11. That would be true if there were a proper ruling body. Which there isn't. So try stopping any EU national from sailing for Italy and I think the EU will tell you to jog on. Btw football leagues (inter club competitions including clubs from different countries) are an example case where EU law does not allow nationality rules to prevent an EU player playing for whichever team they like. https://www.inbrief.co.uk/football-law/footballer-work-permits/ There are others. So sports are not exempt
  12. But may not count as a national team sport by EU laws. Not all do. And there are no national or international sporting organisations involved for example. Just clubs and conpanies
  13. If there is a French team but no Spanish team there is no option so it would be discriminatory. Residency rules are held to be indirectly discriminatory. There is no justification for youth training or maintaining regular competition because neither are historically true of AC. The MC is not a worl sport policy, merely an agreement between 2 nonEU organisations. Therefore if the event were held in the EU the nationality rule is likely to be overruled as it has been for some other sports. But as it's unlikely there will be an EU team it probably won't matter.
  14. The deed does not have any rules on nationality for sailors. The MC would certainly not override EU nationality rules. No chance. They could ask for an exemption but I suspect it would not be given
  15. Not a stretch at all. https://www.asser.nl/sportslaw/research/past-research-projects/sport-nationality/ And whilst there some exemptions for sports it is not clear there would be here. There is no historical justification, the event isn't governed by a recognised world body. So maybe, maybe not
  16. Except that if the event is in Ireland then EU law on non-discrimination of EU countries could override any contract. So (say) a French team could use Spanish sailors
  17. The most sensible answer @Gissie IMO was postulated some time ago. That is that the performance criteria were not me so ETNZ didn't have to pay all the money, leaving them still contractually sponsors but much of the money just paying off that hole
  18. So from those articles it appears Dunphy's legal letter to GD is about either slander or libel by GD. I don't think any of us expect GD to roll over and apologise and unless Dunphy is stupid neither should he. So presumably there is a lawsuit coming there. The RNZYS vote is going to be messy and there could easily be a lawsuit there if any part of their constitution is not followed on the vote. And we don't know which way the vote will go. Forget the inside the tent TV programme, there is a whole mini-series just around the political wranglings and legal steps over the next few mont
  19. Win or lose I don't think GD will come back. So in a personal sense I don't think the problems this move will cause. And if they lose offshore in AC37 I don't think anyone from NZ will be in AC38 That's my gut feel
  20. Can we summarise this debate as: lots of different people working on a variety of classes each contributed to the foil development. Each feeding off and learning from the others
  21. Not at all. Generally I like Kiwis. Just that ignoring 4 didn't work so I thought I'd have some fun with his ridiculous assertions
  22. Ah yes. Played in NZ in 1985, so good kiwi band proving that NZ dominates the music industry
  23. Bigger connection to Matteo De Nora's fuel cell business
  24. Hush. Kiwis are dominant in most fields. It doesn't matter that it was just one NZ born engineer among hundreds (and one who changed nationalities as soon as he could) they were responsible for putting men on the moon. Just like one kiwi who started a company decades ago that achieved bugger all until someone else took over means they are a leading force in F1. It doesn't matter if the kiwi sweeps the floor or it's just a key person that once took a holiday in NZ they all count. Which is a why a sailing team funded by Middle East Airline and a swiss-italian; on a boat designed by
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