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  1. You have to love Russian propoganda, they don't do it by halves
  2. I didn't say how long it would be before detonation
  3. I don't know, 221kg of military grade explosive inserted in 340mm diameter tube would be apt too I think
  4. It has been said a number of times that Putin is ill. I prescribe a Javelin missile to be taken anally. Or better still a Harpoon
  5. It is perfectly possible. Russia is facing major problems with equipment, logistics and resourcing. They could still win, but there are lots of signs that RU have issues with running out of precision weapons, willing soldiers and tanks. UKR have problems also so nothing is guaranteed, but RU winning, or even perpetual stalemate are not assured by any means
  6. If you throw a paper aeroplane into a tornado enough times, eventually it will hit a bullseye 100m away
  7. This is based based on Lithuanian plan. I don't think it will happen, at least not yet, though I am tempted to think we should. Perhaps when more countries have food shortages as this conflict goes on it will be considered more seriously. But although undertaking this now would save lots of people from starvation I don't think it will be enacted
  8. Always interesting when DGcock and 4fuckwit argue on a binary question. Despite all historical evidence it means one of them will be at least partially correct.
  9. I agree with Mozzy, I am a big fan of Ainslie (given his achievements any racing sailor would be dishonest not to be) but he got that mark wrong.
  10. You are such a fuckwit. I said nothing about Dalton, I was decrying Jeddah. I have said several times I respect Dalton for a lot of what he has done, but considering Jeddah seriously (which he undoubtedly did) was a mistake. That respect btw is despite the fact that I beat him in a higher percentage of yacht races when we were both sailing competitively than your (ex?) Heroes B&T have beaten Slinsgby or Ainslie. And I am a loser according to you. So what does that make them? For the record I am not calling them losers, it is 4fuckwit that likes to accuse everyone of that, despite
  11. Boris Bondarev, Moscow's counsellor to the UN in Geneva, resigned earlier over what he called the "absolutely needless" and "criminal" conflict in Ukraine.
  12. You have no idea how I spend my time. And I realise the last 5 words of the previous sentence are redundant
  13. I'm sure Abdulrahman al-Sadhan - sentenced to 20 years for satirical tweets - would love to move on. Oh dear he can't Or Abdulrahman al-Sadhan, sentenced to 6 years (and a further 6 year travel ban) for speaking up for women's rights Or those children executed for alleged crimes such as Mustafa al-Darwish Or the migrant workers who can't move on under the Kafala system - essentially they are slaves None of them (or many many others) can move on, but your attitude is that all must be fine because some other sporting events have been held there. The truth is that you don't ca
  14. How very Putinesque Because I argue in favour of human rights and against the abhorrent racist, misogynist and brutal regime in KSA that makes me a hater? You really need to get your tongue out of Dalton's arsehole and then you might be able to see the world a little more clearly.
  15. No, unless there were a UN ordered NATO fleet protecting it with RoE that allow them to engage any warship that fires on them or the vessels they were protecting
  16. My new favourite Russian video. Outstanding
  17. Supplying anti-ship weapons won't be enough to force a route. RU has submarines there. And UKR doesn't have the vessels to take them on. So it would require NATO to send warships in to protect UN endorsed humanitarian aid and food ships. Whilst I have proposed and supported such a suggestion, I can't see it happening. Too much risk
  18. There are at least 7 sail gp skippers who wish they were as bad as Ben too
  19. I'm sure its coincidence, but the very least recent operational performance hasn't put the Polish off Brimstone:
  20. It does seem to be a clear view of the UK position. I'll be honest, ignoring all other policy issues, in this case I think Bojo's policy has been pretty spot on: He listened to intel and provided a lot of arms and training when most of the world (myself included) was still saying Putin wouldn't invade. He has committed lots more aid, argued for meaningful sanctions He visited Kyiv Zelensky clearly rates UK support very highly (and he knows the true amount more than us) and Russia did call us enemy #1 which is see as a positive Certainly better than French, Germ
  21. Given how short each race is, I think unless you can persuade them to issue an edit personalised for Jon Rowe, you will be better just watching the whole thing and using the FF button.
  22. 5 part story claimed to be from RU volunteer describing what it's like. Does seem credible https://victor-shyaga.livejournal.com/
  23. 823.4 million viewers, but 2.5 million watch hours? By my calcs that mean on average people watched for 10.9s. Which isn't very good
  24. I'm not convinced we are there yet, and indeed that statement by UA says not. I hope we will be there in June but Ru still advancing in a few areas. And now Mariupol is captured they may be able to re-deploy. There are hopeful signs in lots of places but there is a way to go yet I fear
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