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  1. But the prevalence of Omicron in NZ would be an irrelevant excuse for not announcing a European (or ME) venue
  2. Yesterday I posted a video of someone arrested for holding up a blank sheet of paper. In fact just about anything is enough: A sheet saying "two words" in Russian Or even (apparently) sounding like you were about to defend Putin to the cameras
  3. Interesting article in (London) Times: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/b69e9eda-a228-11ec-a401-6c0b998e6c9b?shareToken=38ea5911757a82384ee99ffd1a40c0ef For those who can't get behind the firewall its about Putin's fear of Russia's shrinking population - roughly 1m/year even before the pandemic. Compounded by his racist fear of the Muslim central asian republics whose population is more stable so "Ethnic" russians could be outnumbered and swallowed up by the those areas. He has declared reversing that population drop as Russia's top strategic objective. It also ties in with hi
  4. Maybe ABNZ should have taken the Auckland cash when it was offered. It may not be what they wanted but its tens of millions more than Europe has offered as far as we can tell
  5. Seems reasonable. Its not as if any other sport is going ahead in Europe or the world Apart from the football, F1, Rugby, Horse racing, cricket, or in fact any other sport including cheese rolling and tiddledywinks. Granted, if you were hoping for or using Russian money (e.g. Haas F1, Chelsea FC) then a re-think is needed, but apart from that there shouldn't be a problem. The IMF is still forecasting positive growth in the world economy this year (though less than pre-invasion). And Covid? How very last year
  6. Someone elsewhere commented on this video that "you know you are on the wrong side of the argument when your police arrest someone for holding up a blank sheet of paper". Some here might do well to ponder that advice. How Orwellian this is
  7. Secret police would probably happily do it for no payment. At least Putin thinks so which is why their leaders are all 'disappearing'
  8. Interesting article from China. Wonder whether it reflects the way official policy is moving https://uscnpm.org/2022/03/12/hu-wei-russia-ukraine-war-china-choice/
  9. Yes he wants to play fair, but he is not going to give unlimited time. And why should the AC be postponed 2 years hence, when every other sport is carrying on? F1, rugby, football (with possible exception of Chelsea), tennis. Paralympics. Everything. No events in Russia, Russian teams and athletes banned. Carry on.
  10. Especially when his opponent would be on the ropes (if by then they don't have money)
  11. Do you trust logic? Why on earth would US risk funding bio weapon research in Ukraine? And when has US ever managed to keep the development of any weapon secret (since WW2)? Their absolute secret of the stealth bomber, produced in the highly secret skunkworks actually appeared first in the form of a plastic toy that was very accurate
  12. Does JR look like a man who can't afford lawyers?
  13. You could believe the WHO scientists in that report. Common sense also dictates that the US would be insane to fund bio weapon research based in Ukraine Also I happen to know that both governments really did believe their were chemical weapons in Iraq. What the lied about was the evidence for them. Given how many Hussain it was not a big stretch of the imagination to think there still were some. Especially given how much he obstructed inspections. But the circumstantial evidence turned out to be misleading and they sexed up the direct evidence- that was their falsehood
  14. Why would he not issue a DOG challenge if NZ don't meet the 31st date?
  15. If we fire at Russia it certainly will then be WW3. And Ukrainians don't have anything spare to so do. There are unconfirmed reports that Ukrainians have recaptured Volnovakha, and possibly relieved Mariupol. Huge success strategically if true
  16. Rather than repeating russian lies, how about some facts https://www.bbc.com/news/60711705
  17. Tis true. On the other hand there is no evidence that anywhere in Europe intends to pony up the huge amounts GD is looking for either.
  18. Health research, not weapons research
  19. Nor would Japan, India, Vietnam or Bhutan
  20. To which you could add the videos of POWs which are war crimes because using POWs for propaganda is prohibited. But I disagree on one point, I think this is a battle for survival for them. Perhaps even more so than for Britain, because Hitler would have accepted a peace with us and never invaded us
  21. I know the background. I'm just saying we should be careful about drawing too much from the symbol because there the symbol may be seen differently and their commanders deny that's why they use. However they have definitely been guilty of racist and anti-Semitic acts. And torture. But as has been said they were a volunteer militia formed when Russia engineered the breakaways. They have since been incorporated into national guard and have been improving I believe. As was said earlier in threat Zelenskyy is hardly going to support anti-Semitism, but he also needs all the support he c
  22. You mean shouting about it in huge font doesn't make it true?
  23. It is also worth noting that whilst to most of us the swastika is a symbol of evil, it was in use for many purposes before Nazis, and some of those uses still exist historically. For example you will be able to find it on Lithuanian monuments to freedom that have no connection to Nazism, and it is still used in Hindu cultures (e.g. at entrances to weddings). So whilst the Asov regiment (which is drawn from multiple nationalities) undoubtedly did/does have a problem with racism and indiscipline we should be careful about inferring too much from the symbol. In the end they are fightin
  24. Do you have the freedom to form your own political party? Do you have the freedom to vote for who you want (including the above)? Do you have the freedom to criticise your political leaders? Do you have the ability to earn a bigger share of the resources? All of those mark out the free world, a world banned to many.
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