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  1. I don't think he is really very involved with an AC team because he is not very clear on why those weights etc
  2. Combined with the hiring of Nathan that would be a huge kick to the gonads. If true I hope they would have the self-respect to tell him to fcuk off. But I don't think GD would be that shit. Personally I think more realistically it is one of 4 options: 1) GD preferred Nathan over B&T (still a kick to the gonads, but not quite as bad as you said 2) They didn't like the Jeddah option and are holding off to check it isn't there 3) They don't like going offshore at all 4) They want to concentrate on other stuff (Olympics, their charity etc) Of those only 2 is likel
  3. You may be right, indeed to some extent I hope you are. But if so, why haven't they signed?
  4. Remember that in this case the wingspan is limited by the rule so it does fit the cadres where you say it is used, certainly in AC36 they all used the max wingspan and their is little doubt they would have gone further if allowed. And that it may improve RM as well as efficiency
  5. So do you reckon B&T are definitely gone? Or waiting for a venue announcement like rest of us?
  6. Do stay. I for one will just try and ignore 4
  7. But embarrassing if GD can't get companies to cough up the money for team ABNZ, but Malaga does
  8. I did, but he was quoted so much it was pointless. Happy to ignore him if everyone else does
  9. Perhaps we can resolve this. I think there is agreement that Europe is neither a geological construct, or a political one. And there is a certain ambiguity about its boundaries in the East. It is essentially therefore a social construct which is defined by what people think are it's boundaries. So if you think the UK is part of Europe, like this post. If you think the UK is NOT part of Europe, downvote this post. Whoever gets most votes is, by the definition of a social construct, correct
  10. @Forourselves You really are deliberately obtuse to try and save your tiny ego. See what @NeedAClew said
  11. You say I have misinterpreted your statement above We are all saying the UK is part of Europe. You are saying it is not, because there is nothing to be part of So what the fcuk did you mean. Which of these statements are untrue 1) Europe exists 2) The UK is part of Europe (note not continental Europe, just Europe) 3) You claimed that the UK is not part of Europe (note not continental Europe, just Europe) Because I believe those are all true (and there is bucket loads of evidence for each of them)
  12. As a matter of incontrovertible fact, just plain wrong. Again
  13. You do note that there are a lot of Europeans stating that you are talking crap on this subject?
  14. No, your original comment was that the UK was not part of Europe. You didn't include the adjective "mainland". So that original comment was wrong. Again. And as usual you won't admit you are wrong so try and bluster and deflect your way out of it
  15. You do realise that continental Europe (aka mainland Europe) is not the same as Europe? Your current argument is like arguing Canada is not part of North America because it is not one of the 50 states of the USA. continental Europe is most of Europe , but not all of it,
  16. What do we think the chances of a venue being selected by the march date are?
  17. Putting lol at the end really isn't a substitute for a sense of humour.
  18. I think it's time we put 4 out of misery: as any European knows there is one clear test of whether your country is in Europe: does it take part in the Eurovision song contest. Which is why as everyone knows, Australia and Israel are both part of Europe. And for Americans who don't know what I am talking about, I advise you not to Google. But if you do, remember that everywhere has its shameful secret. The USA has gun massacres as part of the school curriculum, NZ has 4idiot, and all of Europe has the Eurovision Song Contest
  19. Presumably 4 doesn't believe Switzerland is in Europe because it's not in the EU
  20. Lucky he's wrong otherwise we'd be incontinent
  21. But you are being inconsistent and hypocritical. If I say something that doesn't conflict with anything GD has said then you must agree with me based on my superior experience and expertise. Your rules
  22. 4. You say that I should not disagree with anything GD says because he has been more so successful. However I have been very successful in sailing too. Not as much as GD it is true but far more than you. So by your own measures you aren't qualified to disagree with me. So please stop doing so. P.s. the fact you keep saying you have debunked my "conspiracy theories" doesn't make it true
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