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  1. I don't give a shit whether you are or are not. The point is whether or not Flying Nikki would have a hope in hell of racing round the world. Do you really think it could given what it has been designed for?
  2. Still 2 more storms and 2000 miles more than 4idiot. In a boat designed for offshore that I don't think anyone would have thought designed for round the world
  3. Built for Med inshore and offshore. That is a long way from trans-ocean or Southern Ocean. The fact that you don't even understand the difference speaks volumes. As a matter of interest what is the furthest you have sailed?
  4. And this boat could finish a round the world course? You do talk crap
  5. There is increasing recognition this will go on a long time. UK have said end of next year. We are now (finally) supplying longer range artillery. The other thing needed is a way to stop high level air attacks. Possibly the most realistic short term way is all the MIGs in western countries and backfill. Meanwhile train on other systems. Maybe US could supply some Patriot for use far from front lines (eg Kyiiv). Then UKR can minimise casualties and engage from afar. Russia can't increase troops much unless they actually declare war so they can use conscripts more. That has risks
  6. AFAIK the biggest UAV is still the Bayraktar at 12m. Switchblade 600s are about 1.2m I think, Phoenix ghosts are likely to be a bit bigger but not much. Switchblade 300s are smaller. They have a variety of small recon UAVs, including commercial kit, and at least one commercial UAV has been used to drop mortar shells. Bayraktars can be controlled via satellites. I doubt any of the others can -wouldnt really fit with their function
  7. This was the article that made me think about it. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-61160207
  8. There are 3m Ukranians inside Russia. That could be relevant
  9. Now 5 enlistment and recruiting offices in Russia reported to have been set on fire
  10. NZ has Mistral missiles in storage. Norway donated hers. It might not be many to add NZ's extras but it all helps. Or NZ could give money. As for taking sides, if the liberal democracies don't stand together, they are liable to sink individually. That's been true for a long time.
  11. Given bookies margins that would equate to something like 7-2 for ETNZ/UK, 4-1 for Prada, 6-1 for AM and 8-1 for Alinghi, 100-1 bar those
  12. Anyone else see parallels with how Jacinda and NZ are dealing with China, and how Germany have dealt with Russia over last decade? Whilst Aus has joined Aukus, NZ continue to cosy up to China even as they recognise Chinas assertiveness. What is that phrase about appeasers just hoping to be the last country that gets swallowed?
  13. Noted, but it's not what I think that matters. It's what paranoid Putin thinks. He is already purging the FSB and his generals. Oligarchs would mean no more to him
  14. No, the oligarchs are faced with their villas and mansions and yachts and bank accounts being frozen or seized. They can't enjoy the fruits of their crimes. Some may therefore feel that getting rid of Putin is a good idea. More to the point, Putin suspects some of them will. So Putin being the paranoid murderer that he is falls back on his nature and modus operandi and has them undergo a special transitive operation (transitive from alive to dead)
  15. I think these are 2 separate things. I suspect Putin is knocking off the oligarchs, but I hope the factory fires are saboteurs. There are millions of Ukranians in Russia after all
  16. I like the thinking. Support crew water fights when there is no wind. When there is too much wind, races around triangular courses to see which one sinks first (winner wins the Moskva trophy). Beer races. One driver in each boat races to 10 different pubs/bars, downs a pint in each one. So routeing gets worse
  17. Only if the commentators quote the speed in kmh rather than knots
  18. Wow, this is really in your face criticism of German govt from EU
  19. Two significant russian factories (one air defence and one chemical) caught on fire tonight. I hope it's not coincidence, but rather the start of a pattern
  20. I will answer it. The protocol says you have to have these hydrogen powered boats. But they are basically useless (they can't tow, carry gear etc). So the protocol says you can have the same number of planet killing gas guzzlers as they had last time. So contrary to 4s zealous belief these hydrogen boats will not improve any environmental factor. Quite the opposite because as I said they still have harmful impact in construction, shipping and generating hydrogen. But quoting facts makes me a hater apparently.
  21. One view I have heard (which I would like to think is true) is that Putin doesn't need any evidence to declare a victory. He has almost total media control in Russia so on May 9th he can declare that Ukraine is de-nazified, NATO have been beaten and hold a victory parade. If he then pulls back would the west drop sanctions?
  22. I think he has/had a number of objectives. 1) rebuild a greater Russia aka USSR (whereas actually he has strengthened NATO and weakened his own country) 2) increase the size of Russian population which is shrinking greatly (whereas his actions have led to a brain drain and thousand of young russian adults killed). Partly to ensure he can keep army size. This is why 130,000 Ukranian children have been kidnapped 3) bring Ukranian prosperity into Russia. (Failed) 4) get a buffer nation between him and NATO (failed with Finland joining NATO) All cynical, cruel and unjusti
  23. Does it change your mind about fighting being the right thing? Or at least expand any doubt you have?
  24. Wrong again. Zero points. I'm not American. But if your deflection is now to starving children, my country gives 35x as much international aid per capita as Russia.
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