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  1. Was GD ever a second hand care salesman? Just 70k for this lovely car. And a mandatory 50k for a full tank of fuel. And if there is any surplus over what we spend on fuel we'll keep that for the car as well. So yes it's 120k in total but it's really only 70k.
  2. I've just twigged who 4 reminds me of: he is just one of those pathetic kids who loses every argument but then ends by saying "my dad is bigger than yours". In this case though, he loses every argument but then uses "but GD won the AC twice" to justify that GD is infallible and so 4's hero worship of him is justified. (I note that the hero worship of B&T has gone a bit quiet though)
  3. No-one denies he has a plan, nor that it is his job. Whether its the best plan, or an ethical plan are more open to question. And clearly not all of his team or country support that plan. And no, the plan does not "hurt my feeling" So 1 out of 4. Grade E. Must try harder
  4. Each round at a time I think. But now you are effectively locked for all qualification and final
  5. But with fewer available you can't have different ones built for different conditions and select between them. Especially foils
  6. Plus the winglet would strengthen the wing spar which could allow both to be thinner which brings the winglet closer in performance. I don't think the analysis you quoted allows for that. But as you say in any case the wing extension is not possible within the rules beyond the box. It is also worth noting that in this case that because the max foil span increases righting moment, so a winglet, by increasing lift near the end of the foil, would also improve righting moment. So I think they will be used
  7. Another aspect of the foils that has changed is the flaps. Whilst the overall restrictions seem much the same, they now have the ability to divide the flaps up into individual segments which are separately controllable, and can apparently have different axes. I'm not quite sure what to expect here 1) Use of all segments only at low speeds and just outer segment usage at higher speeds for lower drag? 2) Bent wings with separate flap segments? (maybe like Ineos w-wings but with greater freedom so that it is now workable?) 3) Rakes wings with different wing segment rake? 4) Ra
  8. Perhaps this whole thread is starting from the wrong premise. For a team that will base itself and defend in Cork or somewhere, be helmed by an Australian (no news on B&T re-signing); skippered by an Australian; designed by a Brit; funded by Emirates, the question should actually be "Was AC36 the final AC for NZ?" Anywhere But New Zealand; Anyone But New Zealanders ETNZ is dead. Long live ABNZ
  9. Comparison of the old and new foil rules below (red is old rule, green dotted is new). Now the most obvious difference is the 12.5% increase in width. But I am also intrigued by the fact that the max width now extends up much further than it did. The most obvious assumption is that we will get tips added to the foils. If I recall my aerodynamics, the tips on aircraft wings essentially increased lift by as much as if the lengths of those tips were added to the wing length. Assuming the same holds true for hydro-dynamics (and I have no direct evidence to support such a claim- anyone else?)
  10. That it's about time you got a national team together with kiwi nationals?
  11. You plainly haven't spent much time in US. Btw. Does Ratcliffe and the AM sponsors not count as billionaires involved in the cup?
  12. @Fiji Bitter True as far as it goes. But the supporters of no other team have claimed that their team is a "national team". Nor would any consider it. It is that risible claim that invites so much abuse No other supporters have whinged mightily when a billionaire took the event offshore and then hypocritically turned a blind eye when theirs did (recognising that only some area) No other team has had a foreign sponsor, foreign helm, foreign designer, AND taken it offshore. Honestly, what is left that is so kiwi?
  13. True. But I'm not sure how much sailing these things would get in over winter in Cork. Particularly outside the harbour
  14. You're wrong. I understand what hypocrisy is when I see it
  15. This is one of those irregular nouns isn't it, like: We have agents, you have spies, they have traitors. Similarly a kiwi who sails or plays for anyone else is a traitor. But Aussies sailing for the "national team" are naturalised kiwis, just the same as all those Pacific islanders playing rugby.All they need to do is wear that silver fern Designed by Brits, funded by UAE, helmed by Australians, based somewhere else foreign. More of an international team than a national one What odds the NZ flag on the chase boats is made in China? But at least they give everything nic
  16. No, but to be fair my total number of flights in 2021 was a big fat zero so I wouldn't have. (Down from a personal record of 97 a few years back)
  17. Perhaps this is a clue to the potential funding. The boats already have to have space for a "media package" and should be able to beat the police boats. If the course is set as Morocco and back then all will become clear
  18. They haven't needed that groundswell of support so far because they have corporate/billionaire support. So you can either look at the ETNZ move offshore as betraying the country and people who have supported them so far and may well not again, or as them trying to tap into the sort of money sources that IUK and AM have so that they become more stable. Time well tell. I'm still sceptical about Ireland or Spain finding enough money down the back of the sofa
  19. However many times you repeat this it's still specious. After all adultery isn't against the law and there are plenty of precedents. But that doesn't make it right. As I have said before I dont really care, I just wish they would decide on a location. But I get why some (many?) Kiwis are pissed off
  20. Sorry, typing on phone went awry with autocorrect. A good photo of ETNZ foils (under AC36 rules). Preferably from orthogonal to plane of foil
  21. Yes and no. I understand what you mean and in some cases I agree. However I believe the foils that win AC37 will be very different from those that won AC36. The rule is just too different to be otherwise. Therefore all the teams have effectively one go at it. They can test scaled examples on LEQ12s or even perhaps an AC40, but there is only one real go at it on the full scale example.
  22. Anyone got a (link to a) good photo of ETNZ rules. I want to use it as basis for analysing new rule if I can
  23. Except it hasn't. The decision has been made that they want to go offshore. But unless they find some money they'll have to resort to NZ
  24. So having said I'd finished there are a couple of areas I want to look at again. First quantities: Hull Surfaces - Last time 2; this time 1 legacy and 1 new, plus 1 LEQ12. Definitely favours those who went last time IMO. Foil arms (stocks)- last time 4 supplied. This time 4 legacy; 4 new and 4 for an LEQ 12 Foil Wings - last time 6; this time legacy 2 and new 3, but those 3 must be initially identical (rule 4.9) - and the modifiable area must be the same. Plus 4 for the LEQ12s. This seems very significant to me. It makes an LEQ 12 pretty essential if you want to try anyt
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