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  1. And yet a few days ago we were being told that Ben actively wanted Jeddah. Which I called as bullshit at the time. Which it was and is
  2. Surely the protocol is irrelevant. RYS have a valid challenge accepted by RNZYS. So they are COR irrespective of what happens to ETNZ.
  3. Hell of an accusation. Any evidence? Thought not
  4. How is the AC a linchpin for Ryder Cup in 2026? That is meaningless
  5. You are wrong. As usual. Ryder cup was held in Ireland in 2006, and is already scheduled to be there again in 2026. Irrespective of AC.
  6. Just like a bad gambler. Got lucky a few times so believe it will always continue, even though the last bet lost more than they ever won previously. Why not double up? Bound to win. Of course every other gambler/country is looking at this 3-legged nag and thinking it is a shit bet.
  7. As @Rennmaussays you do seem to be missing the point. Those venues amortise their costs over F1, F2, F3000, formula Renault, Formula Ford, MotoGP, race driver training establishments, track days and many more events. All of which pay, year in year out. AC earns money for a few weeks every 4 years ( though they want the facilities for longer). ANd GD wants more than any F1 track pays
  8. The perrenial mistake of protests. Pouring it down the sink does not help because you've already paid for it. So it's just wasteful and harmful to environment. Just don't buy any more. Not as bad as the idiots who bought books to burn them, thus putting sales up (though anyone that burns books is an idiot anyway)
  9. As @Rennmaussaid, they are used for much more than 4 days. The permanent facilities can be used for anyone with a race license who pays to use the track. And they get used for lots. Whereas AC may use the facilities for 18 months but they only earn money for a few weeks
  10. The comparison with F1 is in many respects the closest, because I can't think of any other sport where such facilities are provided to the teams. But there are some major differences. 1) F1 circuits tend to get multi-year contracts 2) F1 doesn't need prime waterfront 3) F1s fixed facilities are mostly used for multiple other events each year (lower F events, touring cars etc) 4) F1s temporary/mobile facilities are used for multiple F1 events each year. So F1 amortises all its cost over many times more events. Hence the ACs problem in comparing. Sail GP is closer to F
  11. Viable? Just about anything is viable for Ineos. Sure they are playing fair, but if NZ can only get (say) £20m in 2024 then tough shit for them. Even 4idiot can't complain if GB veto a delay
  12. Some Western European countries also thought there was less risk of an imminent invasion, e.g. France: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2022/jan/26/nato-allies-policy-russia-ukraine-analysis In looking back to find that google also threw up that US intelligence assessment was that Ukraine would be over-run in 2 days.
  13. Perhaps, there were a lot of other observers who were saying it was all a bluff to put pressure on and he wouldn't invade though
  14. The UK intelligence said the same thing (unsurprising given how much they share), so had delivered thousands of weapons prior to the invasion starting. I did wonder whether a significant deployment of NATO troops might have stopped the whole thing, but I suspect it would have given Putin more grounds and WW3 would have started
  15. He has. His videos have been well tailored to audiences too. So for US he compared events to pearl harbour, for Brits he evoked Churchillian themes, for Canada he asked how they would feel if bombs were falling on Toronto and Montreal. That may sound obvious, but all were quite well done. Impressively so given his situation. And his addresses to Ukraine have been very inspiring
  16. I have seen suggestions that is caused by steroids for treatment of cancer. Also suggestions that he may have dementia. Also evidence of private jets flying from Russia to Dubai. Oligarchs leaving?
  17. That article doesn't mention it, but I saw a translation earlier and interestingly he seems to pick particularly on the oligarchs: something along the lines of there was nothing wrong with having a villa on the Riviera, but their heads were there too (with foie gras and "sexual freedoms") so they had deserted Mother Russia
  18. For clarity I am in no way supporting Russia. I hope UKR kicks their arse and the Russian people do something far worse to Putin's arse. And you are right the invasion was a crime against humanity as defined by the Nuremburg trials.
  19. Probably, but I'm not convinced a trial could reliably conclude so. If they say that they had intelligence that UKR army were in there (which they already have) and they hit the building using indirect artillery or rockets based on GPS then they wouldn't have see the writing. Russia have undoubtedly committed war crimes, but not all the events they have been accused of would lead to reliable convictions IMO. Deliberately targetting civilians is plainly illegal, but when UKR forces are using civilian vehicles and buildings (which they are) then there is a greyer area. Unfortunately th
  20. Two major areas of difference. Firstly the moral: Ukraine has a democratically elected government, with freedom of speech and was invaded by a foreign power. Not true of the other examples. Secondly the possible. In order to prove effective support we need logistical supply routes. Ukraine had borders with NATO countries that make that possible. The US did put some arms into Afghanistan of course but supporting as much was never possible. And shipping arms via Lebanon, Iraq etc has its own problems
  21. You don't need complete control to make the encirclement meaningful. If you can control the crossroads and any railway lines (which have been quite significant in this conflict) then you can cut off re-supply (re-supply by air is always problematic and not possible here. So it was a very real risk, and still exists, albeit less than it was.. Seems like Ukraine are about to get a whole load of new anti-air systems - including some old Soviet systems from the eastern NATO members, but also some Starstreak from UK- those have much bigger range than Stingers and hopefully will give the R
  22. From there: Whatever MW is on, give me a pint of it. Jim Ratcliffe, the son of a joiner who grew up in a council house, and is now worth $28.2 billion and who protests his privacy strongly, would like to be more like GD for his machismo and no bullshit winners approach? As GD peddles his wares in every bazaar across the world to fund his team, Jim just reaches into petty cash (whilst also running F1 and cycling teams). Lot less bullshit in Jim's solution. (Even ignoring the fact that machismo implies a sort of aggressive male bullshit)
  23. You have to be careful with these assessments because of vastly different cultural norms. That didn't look that appetising to me but may be fine for a typical Chinese soldier. But those norms also mean that using another cultures rations can be problematic. Can you imagine for example the British army being given a ration pack with no tea or coffee? The Russians do drink black tea and their MREs normally contain some. So the absence of that could be surprisingly significant. I would suspect that Russia's army is drawn from so many cultures that nothing would satisfy all, but many wou
  24. That media presence figure must include the benefits of media exposure as well. So I suspect that would cover the majority (given that Costa Del Sol would be full with holidaymakers at that time of year anyway)
  25. From there: "The possibility that the capital of the Costa del Sol could host the America's Cup could mean an estimated media presence of around 80 million euros.”" So if they offer up the money that GD wants, and hit their estimates they still make a loss?
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