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  1. Not available in my region. Ironic really
  2. Why ridiculous? Not extreme by any comparison. e.g. F1 which collect 300GB per race. Not necessarily that much different from NZ either as sensors can provide multiple streams
  3. I thought it did, just had to be a single control on each side of arm. Of course if NZ have smaller foils, it could be because their brilliant control allows them to fly with a smaller foil, but it also could be because the other teams think thank the extra lift to windward is worth the drag. After all if NZ think the drag of the top breaking the surface is worth it for the extra VMG... Lots of tradeoffs and compromises. And we have even less idea about VMG than we do relative speed
  4. So you think that NZ are better canting and getting the tip out for lift to windward because they look like a moth, which cannot cant the foil independently of the hull and which avoids ventilation?
  5. I don't get that, we've seen all the teams (well apart from AM who we haven't seen lately) with the tips out of the water at some points. So why do you think NZ are the only ones sailing this way?
  6. Sometimes yes, sometimes not. Also looked to me at around 2 mins into the first of fish's latest videos that she took off from a close hauled angle. That could be a real winner at the start
  7. Most of what you said I agree with but 1) They can't rotate the foils around a vertical axis, so if the foil creates lift to windward going upwind (beneficial), then it will also do so going downwind (disbenefit). So its not clear that overall it gains you much, unless you reckon they can change the lift by canting or flap angle changes. The latter is possible but would introduce more drag. Changing the cant would also introduce more drag if it were also producing more lift 2) If when going upwind the boat moves to windward, the apparent wind doesn't move aft, it moves forward.
  8. In the first bit where they are going up and down a bit it looks like it may have been because of headers. It looks to me like the front of the jib backs twice causing the instability.
  9. Let me re-iterate, I was talking in the context of the time it takes to tack. Current makes no difference to that. Yes current matters to other points of sailing
  10. Oh I am sure that some of the negativity on here is entirely unjustified (and much predicated on bias in any case), but I'd be surprised if the other teams were fooled by anything like that. Although one of the journos did comment that GB were the ones that tended to stay away and looked fast from a distance but then would change when anyone got close, so who knows
  11. I get all of that and I don't disagree, but with the foiling genie out of the box I don't think it will go back in. We can't have the prestige sailing designs being overtaken by Joe Bloggs and his new mini-foiler. And if we keep the foils I can't see how there can be much in the way of sail changes apart from very very artificially. So that rules out a lot of the sailing skills.
  12. But as I say I have looked at quite a lot of footage and timed it, and they can do it in 6s (same as NZ) and then they stay dry. So that eliminates 2, 3, 4, 5 as a principle It is possible they are deliberately slowing it the rest of the time to lessen loads, but I'd be surprised if speed of tacks and gybes was a major factor in any load (or that they hadn't allowed for the faster ones)
  13. I quite like these boats, though I understand the Italian desires. Certainly cut the bowsprit and thus code 0, seems to be fairly pointless.
  14. Waves won't affect their tacks much, apart from anything, they aren't sailing in big waves. And current doesn't affect the speed of tacks of them or any other sailing boat. Its just they have moved with the water a bit by the end of the tack (and it can kick up a bit of chop). None of those factors explain a 100% variation in time to do a tack
  15. Not that much. Boat speed will be high whatever so the rate of turn will be much more consistent than most displacement boats, waves won't be an issue for the conditions these things are racing in, current makes no difference (apart from to waves) and the whilst the timing of the tack may be chosen for a lull for example, the rest should be pretty consistent for a well drilled crew. But for whatever reason at the moment it isn't for GB and it shows how well they stay up. They plainly are no mugs so I don't believe it is poor crew-work or training, or even the boat design for that matter,
  16. So why the big differences between the teams and even different tacks FWIW I have times several turns and GB seems to vary from 6s to 12s from new foil entering water to old foil coming out of water. When they are in 6s to 9s it seems to be cleaner, above that and they seem to touch . NZ (from a more limited sample) are at 6s. It maybe that GB are (deliberately?) not trying to do clean tacks when they are practising something else but seems odd because you want it to be routine
  17. I think these new boats need a songtrack. I realised this when I was listening to the track below whilst watching one of the boats and it seemed to fit quite well. And the (translation of) the lyrics even matches where we are at the moment "who knows the way it is". But i'm sure you will all have personal choices. So lets hear them
  18. Indeed I know, not just from racing but from teaching rudderless sailing in uni holidays. But faster turns require (more) rudder, not just to speed up the turn but also to stop the angular momentum. That or lose power before and after. Especially since I don't think using the angle of heel is an option here
  19. Would/will be interesting to see the impact of one of these boats in disturbing the air of one behind when going downwind. On hand the large camber they are all running with will mess it up a lot one suspects. On the other hand it would be a header for anyone behind them so they could sail deeper. Wonder how far it extends?
  20. More of an issue where LR tack first surely. Wait for NZ to tack and Pete to get halfway across
  21. But there are losses from a quicker turn too Mozzi, more rudder angle and the main foils are less head on so will be less efficient. Part of my doubt is that I can't see anything stopping all the teams turning more quickly. The headsails are very quick, the foil movements are quick. LR doesn't even have to change sides, so why not speed it up?
  22. First vaccine approved here (UK) rollout starts next week with the first 80k doses
  23. Very different beasts though, I'm not convinced that the other boats are losing much momentum on the slower turns this time around. A bit obviously, but how it sits in the trade-off from VMG gained I am not sure
  24. I'm not convinced about this sharper turn being better stuff. VMG is what matters and a slower turn could gain if they stay on the foils
  25. I've been trying to work out how long it takes any boat to get onto the foils, but its not always easy to figure out when they start trying. In that video it looks to me like they sheet in at 1:54, and are clear of the water and able to head up at 2:12. So I think 18s. Not sure how that compares with other boats but it does show the benefits/disadvantages from pushing someone off the foils pre-start
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