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  1. Unless you register the patent
  2. Steve is a global star, not just US :-) The same applies to European or Asian buyers, we are asking him too much work IMHO, we can do our own research to buy
  3. Steve, I called Spade and asked about new galvanizing process and lead covering. I am not sure I spoke to the right person but she said that galvanization has been improved 2-3 years ago and are not making other changes.
  4. Very happy to help. Only issue is that I will get my hands on it only end of July.
  5. Look forward! Hope not to regret the S80 I just ordered...
  6. Steve you got an Epsilon finally? Is it as good as the Spade?
  7. Then what was the reason for not getting the Cristec Shore Power Unit and the socket in the cockpit?
  8. Steve, I had the same tent done by Pogo, it is 457 euro. They have the measurements from Caricia apparently.
  9. Steve, based on the Cristec datasheet, it seems to work also with 120V, am I wrong?
  10. expensive indeed. Now Pogo are offering a 200Ah Liontron Lithium at 1,400 as main battery. did not now lithium could be used as starter battery
  11. Hi guys, any experience of the Pico battery monitor and sensors? https://simarine.net/products/ Would you get it over the more traditional BMV 712?
  12. nice to see her sailing. Is a lithium battery fit as starter battery? Could you tell me which one and extra cost? thanks!
  13. Lets see... https://www.promarinestore.co.uk/blog/lewmar-epsilon-anchor-review
  14. Thanks, I noticed also no chartplotter and no additional bulkhead to separate front cabin. What was your thinking on those?
  15. Congrats Steve. What is that NKE pad under the graphic display?
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