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  1. Hooks and J bars will work only if you can bring the obstacle to sea level, if it is a tight mooring chain on the seabed concrete block or a heavy steel bar they will not work.
  2. The existence of the notch is for a situation in case the anchor is faulted by a mooring chain for example, without the notch, the pulling rope with the chain will slip upward along the shank when pulling it, and the anchor will not be released.
  3. Not yet, but I might, or, I'll just wait to see who is the most anti-Viking guy in the hen house and snd him an anchor to be tested, not decided yet.
  4. https://vikinganchors.com/data-center/how-puller-groove-works
  5. I get and respect you being sensitive to copies, however, Anchors like other mechanical devices are about evolution, you take, study, and test what is out there, trying to make a better product, you are not the first one that sees the resemblance of Viking to Mantus, actually, we have created a page on our website showing the differences if you are interested you can find it here: https://vikinganchors.com/data-center/knowledge-base/what-are-the-technical-and-mechanical-differences-between-viking-and-mantus-m1-anchors Trust me on that, if Mantus thought we copied anything they would alrea
  6. Absolutely, and Ford should sue Tesla that was inspired by their model T. Spaid and Bugel will sue Mantus and Rocna will sue Manson and all will live happily after.
  7. Indeed, as stated loudly on my profile, Vikinganchors is my company, Steve is not, and he needs some help now to continue helping all of us.
  8. New generation anchors offer greater holding that past designs. That means you can use a lighter anchor and have the same security we had in the past with less effective design. The idea of using chain and rope combined is not new, I have to admit, I have posted this thread in three different forums and the wisdom of the crowd is working wonderfully and I am learning a lot, we are still thinking if it is possible to come up with a light solution that will be strong and trustable enough that will dismiss the usage of windlass, rope materials came a long way and technically I believe it can
  9. I just hope it really helps you, keep it coming after all that's why we are here for.
  10. We are playing with a new idea since anchors are becoming lighter, would you consider using a new-gen light anchor with 10-meter chain and the rest of the rode be a kinetic Nylon rope that can be stretched? We estimate that this kind of setup will dismiss the usage of a windlass with boats up to 40ft. what do you think?
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