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  1. Thanks again all for the wisdom. I especially like Zonker's approach that doesn't require dusting off the planimiter. Squinting at the Mumby above, I'd guess 7 t is perhaps optimistic?
  2. EBM I don't have your bloomberg skills, but it looks like both Hanse (soma: about double Catana revenue) and Fountaine Pajot (about triple Catana revenue) seem to be publicly traded, despite both being majority owned by PE. Of course they all got a lot cheaper in the last month...
  3. A very interesting discussion, I'm just a dreamer but feel I've learnt a bit just following this and the prior thread, thanks to all that have contributed so far. Seems like displacement can make all the difference to performance, but it also seems to be one of the least trustworthy numbers. Last two boats mentioned range from 5.5 t for a 46', to 16 t for a 52'. Assuming the 5.5 t is right, and cubic scaling, then you'd expect ~8t for the 52', caeteris paribus. Of course there are many other variables, but how much trust can be put in an advertisement? Do buyers routinely check, if so how
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