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  1. Or this, from the Cowboy Junkies Beautiful song. Absolutely terrible relationship advice.
  2. In fairness, though, none of us are planning to actually marry Sam. Just watch the occasional sailing video to see how he's getting along. He's another one that fits in my category of "Postcards from..." As in 'heard from Sam the other day. Seems he made it to the Azores with some sort of weird spinnaker setup'. If I want darkness and angst, I'll re-read Frankenstein, or Slaughterhouse Five. Meanwhile, I'm really enjoying the scenery footage in the recent Uma posts. The lighting on the snowy mountains is way more enticing than the typical tropicals.
  3. True enough, and if he's trailing around after kayakers, he's likely staying in calm waters. I was just amused that SemiSalt was concerned about the hazards at sea (with what I assume was heavy sarcasm on his part).
  4. I doubt that thing is going any further seaward than the harbourmaster's cat.
  5. Fair winds and smooth seas, Ajax. I'm envious.
  6. How heavy are we talking about? I could use my backup anchor straight under the bow, which I'm guessing might be heavy enough to keep the bow from hunting without worrying about whether it bit. It would be easier than deploying it from the dinghy in a V or Bahamian arrangement. I tried the bucket trick on my little 23 footer which hunts all over when at anchor. It helped some, but not a whole lot. I think I'm going to need a bigger bucket.
  7. Oops... yes, Vendee, sorry. (I'm constantly making that mistake. I think my brain must figure that two syllable words starting with V are interchangeable).
  8. I remember the tracker getting squirrely around turning marks in the Volvo Arctic last year too.
  9. He doesn't make the most exciting videos, but I'm usually much more interested in what Sam is up to than Riley. Gotta admit Riley has done far more sea miles than I ever have/will, but I'd much rather have a beer and swap stories with Sam. Meanwhile, in other non-boob related videos, I was watching Roger Barnes recently - is that Vincent Riou messing around in little boats? (on the right at 26:18). If it is, I somehow find that very cool.
  10. I've been following another thread on "desirable and undesirable characteristics of cruising yachts". This boat doesn't even make it up to the undesirable category. I mean the first pic, with one small-ish patch, and I thought OK, maybe. But clicking through the rest of the pics makes the Yaba duo* look like shrewd investors. You mentioned that these boats have AC, and so forth, but I'm pretty sure those amenities are long gone/destroyed. * youtubers who bought a rotten and sinking wooden schooner, on which they are spending gobs of money.
  11. I don't know if this will help, since I've never done a trip of this length solo, but here is a philosophy that has served me well at sea and in the mountains. Have a good idea of what you and your gear can handle, and then just stay on the right side of that line. You can always dream up some scenario that will be beyond you or your gear (e.g., total inversion). But you can probably avoid those situations if you're at all prudent, mainly by seeking shelter when you need rest, or the forecast is bad. It sounds like you are both well prepared and prudent, and you have bail out points in
  12. ... and the "live blog" still has them six miles out.
  13. Well, that ought to be some interesting video!
  14. I thought it was the outrigger at first (forgot about the foils). Now that I watch it again, I can see the starboard foil hit the port side of Ambersail's transom.
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