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  1. It does drag on a little long, but if you watch it at double speed, it undoes the slo-mo, and comes in at just about four minutes. Gotta hit mute though, or the sound-track gets even cheesier. I definitely got a chuckle out of it. Wasn't there a channel a few pages back that actually did try to send viewers over to their Onlyfans site? Edit: Mind you, How to sailing offers up some pretty basic stuff that most folks on this site learned long ago.
  2. It's a pretty good generic title for a certain style of sailing vlog. Could have been the title of this thread. Pros: Magic carpet is mostly about sailing (or at least boats) and interesting places. Nicely shot and edited to be engaging. No bikinis (at least not in the Netherlands in autumn) Cons: Artsy young couples in love are a bit sweet for this jaded old cynic's arteries. Occasional manbuns.
  3. ... which is surprising, since "Merrik vouged for him" and everything. I'm kind of torn between goodonem for getting out there and having an adventure, vs them being the kind of boat that seems to rely on the kindness of strangers to make it safely to port. ... but I'm pretty sure I'd have wanted to be off that boat.
  4. ... could be worse. Compared to NFT's the economics of sailing vlogs is a model of enlightened reason.
  5. Bearing in mind that room temperature (or at least cellar temperature) is likely to be a balmy 10 degrees C. On a hot summer day, they'll need some sort of cooling to show their best. On a boat that might be done simply by putting them in a locker below the waterline, next to the hull, but only in higher lattitudes. Gotta love a thread that can pivot from manbuns to the finer points of ale presentation in the time it takes me to have my morning coffee.
  6. I dunno. Mandating a warning that there's going to be manbuns in these videos is sort of like mandating a warning that coffee is hot. Though I do admit that both have caught me off guard occasionally
  7. I'm willing to remain blissfully un-informed on the matter. I made the mistake of clicking on the last narcissist-tube channel that came up for discussion. I learned my lesson.
  8. Good Lord! I wander off for a few hours to get some work done (yes, I know it's a weekend, but what does that even mean these days) and you guys are off on a tangent that hits up Hanna Arendt, Sigmund Freud, David Lynch, and [checks notes] Parliament Funkadelic. So to bring this back to some semblance of whatever passes for normal in this thread, let me just say... Betty, or GTFO.
  9. My first thought was that the dry-cleaning bills would be pretty steep.
  10. I made it maybe 15 minutes into that before giving up in frustration. There are plenty of cruisers who are "just a fella enjoying his boat", but Anyone who can say "red pill" with a straight face has drunk some pretty nasty Kool Aid. (... or was that a mixed metaphor).
  11. I did wonder if we'd wind up re-litigating Trousers v. Pants. And we haven't gotten on to bum-bags yet.
  12. Re-convene in September for the Mini-Transat?
  13. I've always had a mild pet peeve that my English relatives use "canoe" to refer to a kayak, but then complain that N. Americans call football "soccer".
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