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  1. I finally ordered a Flow 19, if all goes well, TBD april 2022 in Baltimore, MD... For those interested in Atelier Interface boats, I created a Facebook Group. Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/348757023249321 Cheers, Terry
  2. A good example of a well implemented gaff rig on a sport cruiser. The Bihan 6.50 is a great looking and fast boat. Too bad is low cabin is really limiting the cruising comfort. https://marine-composite.fr/bihan6-50/
  3. I want to install new jib leads on my 1986 pocket cruiser / dinghy Siren 17. Although look alike with similar specs, Harken's 452s cost twice as much than Ronstan's Series 19 track/jib/cars system. Not quite sure why. I never used Ronstan hardware but it seems well made. Anyone with experience with either of those? https://www.ronstan.us/marine5/range.asp?RnID=057A http://www.harken.com/productdetail.aspx?id=5142&taxid=6011
  4. F34 is 2112lbs, trailer around 1,000lbs so, you are over 3,000lbs and need a towing capacity that few mid-size cars match if any. So probably not a Honda CRV but more like a classic V6 like Ford Explorer, etc... Also, I like all the storage room on the Flow and the 10cm draft. It's very light on a trailer too with its water ballasts system, 1,034lbs !
  5. Good to hear. After looking at the 18 closely, I decided to pass. I think it's a fantastic mini racer but not enough room for my boat camping projects. I also look at the 24 but it's guite pricey and a fairly big boat to trailer around. I am now looking at a custom made trailable sport cruiser from France, the Flow 19. https://archinavale.carbonmade.com/projects/6600079 . It be great to promote First class in the US, all those races and events they have in Europe sounds really cool! Enjoy your 18!
  6. AI will paint the hull with your color of choice but I have played with some design ideas that would make the boat look a bit sportier. This can be done with custom printed die-cut stickers applied over the paint or it could also be ordered as a full boat vinyl wrap.
  7. I am pretty sure it's a 5' keel with bulb only. It goes up in the boat only for transportation.
  8. Maybe and we get both of them in a 40’ container and we save a bundle on freight....
  9. Cute! But still a bulb keel with a 2ft min draft, not that great to beach the boat.... And 855 kgs vs. 470kgs for the Flow 19 for roughly the same dimensions.
  10. I am not sure what the system is but the Dix Mini keel seems to go up inside the hull for transportation. I assume those boat draw a good 6' when sailing. From the photo, the keel still sticks out a good 50cm and it has a bulb which is no good for beaching... The Flow is fully beachable and sits flat. This one is on the hard every day at low tide. I was explained by the architect that they designed the keel well with space around the keel so even if sands or mud gets in, it self cleans once the boat is underway.
  11. Good idea but I am no racer, just looking for a compact sport boat for cruising. One important feature the boat needs to have is a fully retractable keel so, you can beach it anywhere.
  12. The Elan 210 is no longer made but it was a good looking pocket cruiser. That said, I am not sure they ever come with a swing keel version. It's roomier but also quite heavier than the Flow 19, 2,425 lbs vs 1,180 lbs. (with its 264 lbs water ballasts emptied).
  13. I am in the market for a trailerable, lightweight and fast sport cruiser and stumbled on the Flow 19 from Atelier Interface. Really cool pocket sport cruiser under 20' designed and manufactured by a non nonsense young architect, Antoine Mainfray. The boat only weights 1144 lbs and has a very cleaver fully retractable swing keel and water ballasts. Flow 19 and trailer package come under 1,700lbs which makes it towable by mid-size car. Sadly, I live in the US and the boat is manufactured in France... Here are various links related to the Flow 19, sorry most of them in french but you'll get the i
  14. The thing is that the light has both, solar and wind power so, if one fails, I am pretty sure you still get decent runtime. This is really appropriate for small trailerable boats when you need to limit wiring and power draw to the house battery if any. It's also easily removable for transportation.
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