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  1. Shall I start counting the number of times you demonstrate how little you understand about this boat in the same way you're counting the days since ILCA announced that there would be new builders? Given how frequently you post, I might catch you up...
  2. Yes it's madness, don't do it. There's nobody you can legally race against and you'll get protested out at even the lowest level regional opens. The UKLA is part of ILCA, and all the opens and events in the UK will be using the ILCA class rules. The UKLA was without a measurer for a couple of years but now someone has stepped up. Generally it's self policing anyway and if another sailor noticed you'd be toast and probably get a rule 69 unless you managed to convince the jury that your actions were taken in complete ignorance! There's no problem with used LPE boats being turned away -
  3. Letting your outhaul off a bit more will have exactly the same effect and is far less effort You should sand down the back too because back is faster upwind apparently. Good luck to you all, can't say I didn't try!
  4. No, what I actually said: In addition, if you have the boat trimmed with the centre of effort over the centerline, moving it forward or aft makes no difference to the moment it exerts when the boat is sailing away from the wind. If you don't understand that the rig and the center of effort is in a completely different place and creating a force at a different angle when going upwind vs downwind, and that the trim/tuning of the rig is completely different as well, I don't think there's much point discussing this with you. The whole point of this discussion was that rake matters.
  5. It's a completely different boat. Should we ask the 49er sailors what works for them too?
  6. And how much do you have to change the heel of the boat to have exactly the same effect? An almost imperceptible amount. In addition, if you have the boat trimmed with the centre of effort over the centerline, moving it forward or aft makes no difference to the moment it exerts when the boat is sailing away from the wind. You've also added that mast forwards makes you slower upwind, which is the opposite of reality.
  7. It's not. The centre of effort of the rig relative to your foils is dictated by your sheeting and your heel. The position of the mast is completely irrelevant compared to those.
  8. Yeah you still haven't explained why. Where's the centre of effort of the rig on a run? How does the mast tip being more forward change it in a meaningful way?
  9. Really? With an un-stayed rig like the laser, with the exact dynamics that it has due to the position of the rig and foils in the boat? You'll have to explain... Or are you just repeating the completely generic "back is quicker upwind, forward is quicker downwind" knowledge without considering what it actually means and why?
  10. I didn't say you were miles off anything or levelling any other criticism at your sailing - I said that sailors who are not looking for the last few % of performance probably won't notice a rake difference, and that rake doesn't make any difference to downwind speed (why would it?). I disagree that this means that these differences (which are allegedly within tolerance - I've never seen the construction manual) don't matter. The original post I was responding to was claiming that PSA are a bunch of assholes because they pick out a good boat for you, and LPE aren't. I was providing evide
  11. I think you've missed the fact that this was in response to someone (blatantecho) claiming : PSA was the hot stuff, because you could chose your rake, hull and deck weights. They didn't care about any of that. Plus they were competing with LP. LP was (and is) a total mess... but to their only credit, they built VERY good boats, consistently, and didn't cheat on them. PSA, as it's been well documented, was happy to fudge things here and there. It's just funny when they got caught, the class said 'uhm, yeah, let's do that too' How's that for stupid irony in a 'One Design'
  12. No. I can tell you that the range is 5cm and most are within 2cm of the average though. LPE have a production sheet that has all the rakes and weights on it, they can tell you what the measurements are for any hull they produced. They can't tell you if the foils line up or if the deck is actually in the middle of the hull though, they don't measure that.
  13. Yes, I have my own spreadsheet full of rake measurements from different boats. Ask any british sailing team laser coach what tools they bring when a sailor has bought new equipment (clue - micrometer, scales, tape measure). These are quotes from my email conversation with LPE in 2015 when I was buying a new boat. I asked to come and pick the hull rather than just getting whatever one was next off the line, being well aware that there is huge variance between the boats and that this is what top sailors were doing. me: I 'm in the market for a new laser and I wanted to find ou
  14. Fake news alert! LPE let you choose your measurements as well, their boats fall apart fairly reliably (but I'm not sure that's what you mean by "consistently"), and all those measurements vary wildly from hull to hull. The spreadsheets full of measurements that the top sailors/coaches have are there to prove it. Or you could just use your eyes on a walk around the boatpark.
  15. They can claim whatever they like - a third party (world sailing) has to objectively agree with them.
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