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  1. It's a very dangerous game they are playing. Sorry but I just can't see benefit to humanity other than increased profits for the war industry. Could one of you fascist interventionist scumbags please clue me in?
  2. So you got locked out of your office again?
  3. So sucking ass is a now a specialty?
  4. Like you? Fortunately you have very few resources as nobody could give a shit wtf a partisan, half-witted, race baiting, armchair interventionist, moron like you thinks. Drink some more Kool-Aid Rosy.
  5. Only to be replaced by leftist totalitarian trolls attempting to defend the indefensible. Funny how that works.
  6. So what? You've got your mask and you've had your shots so you are safe right?
  7. It's a gamble as they could be another breakout even if you have been immunized a new strain that is resistant could emerge by then. Most of the money you spend on air tickets can be reimbursed but not the accommodation, boat fees etc... If you intend to travel abroad in many cases you'll need to factor in quarantine time. Covid has been extremely profitable for a select few and those in power around the globe. Central banks are making a killing creating debt to solve the crisis. Corrupt Governments are flush with cash. Taxes will have to go up on the average Joe while companies like Amazon, G
  8. Are you a racist or just some stupid ass half-witted bigoted moron? I'm not Irish btw.
  9. I'm good it's pretty much required for travel unless you want to go through two week quarantine. Unfortunately the Yugo that comrade Putin sent me isn't seaworthy.
  10. The fact that you exist disproves Darwin's theory.
  11. Perfectly acceptable? Therefore it must be okay.
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