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  1. CIA is the fair and unbiased non political gold standard of integrity. Period.
  2. Gain of function lab leaks have consequences but at this point what difference does it make? Message - Be afraid be very afraid, Omicron is coming! Thankfully, there are many new products being developed by Big Parma to keep us and future generations safe.
  3. True the little sociopath has been caught lying on multiple occasions but the shitlibs are following him like rats to the pied piper. Go figure.
  4. Gates Foundation Awards $20 Million to BBC World Service Trust
  5. I remember, the first day of the last election our local shitlib/middle school teachers (I'm repeating myself) were wetting themselves to sleep that night. Then after the long night of shame and self flagellation the morning came.... Fun times.
  6. Venom


    Fucking hell girl, are you huffing solvents again?
  7. Does that apply to Shitlib middle-school teachers or are they exempt?
  8. Venom


    Your standard/ shitlib standard, not mine, fuckwit.
  9. Venom


    What in the hell?
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