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  1. And Joe could? Damn, I wanted to watch two liars debating. Should have let them leave.
  2. Shitlib Kool-Aid flavor of the month?
  3. Is that your Fauci on the right?
  4. You don't really want to go there? MLK was right. War criminal = Shitlib hero. No, I was not old enough to qualify however my uncle was killed in that war and another one came back a heroin addict and finally OD'd after 20 years of trying to get clean. I heard all about it from him. Conscious objectors to the war were the true hero's, liars and cowards like Trump, Bush. Clinton etc. etc. did not have the balls to speak out.
  5. So much for the one and done bullshit. Triple vaxed and living in fear. You should write the book.
  6. Yup, the bitch is back. Surprise surprise!
  7. Interesting thread so far. You've chosen to ignore content by Mrleft8. Options You've chosen to ignore content by AJ Oliver. Options You've chosen to ignore content by Fakenews. Options You've chosen to ignore content by Mrleft8. Options You've chosen to ignore content by Mrleft8. Options
  8. I'm not a republican, dipshit. In relation to what? This thread is a yawner. Trump is a reality TV show host.
  9. Proud boys are coming. Seattle cops planted fake reports of Proud Boys on police radio to try to scare racial justice protesters: report
  10. Shitlibs are living proof that racism and bigotry are on the rise.
  11. Not all, dipshit. Dick Cheney hailed in surprise Capitol visit for ceremony
  12. Same in Cali. Most are fully vaccinated and still living in fear just like you!
  13. They should allow Fauci to use them as human guinea pigs and let infected sand flies eat their brains out!
  14. Are you trying to reproduce with another man?
  15. The same vampire squid species with the politicians in their back pocket?
  16. Do you mean like getting vaccinated? Nope already done that, dipshit. Of course I was vaccinated for those as well. Are you still hiding in your mommy's closet wearing your mask, face shield and plastic gloves? Stay safe.
  17. I don't remember living in fear during an antibiotics regimen.
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