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  1. While what I say can be taken as very insensitive that is not its intension. I know nothing about what this guy is meant to have done but I think Its like many other countries, so my questions. 1. How many people when to work to day so they were able to put away a little bit of cash to pay someone to feed them liquid food and wipe there ass when they were too old to look after them self's. 2. Is it any ones ambition to end up in a home? 3. Is it not the best thing that can happen to you that you die very quickly if you end up in a home? Each to there own but I woul
  2. So if your right and masks and social distancing don't solve the covid scamdemic why are we all being made to were them ? most people didn't wouldn't have given up all of there social liberty's to save them self's from flue.
  3. See no evil hear no evil. Have you won the Nigerian lottery again?
  4. Why would you want a vaccine that firstly all makers have been given a pass card to any future problems so they have no liability issues. That in its self should ring alarm bells. Here is your new boat sir no we do not guarantee it will float. And secondly the WHO clearly state that unless you are at risk or very old you should not have it. This is little better than buying stuff of a street dealer that someone on the Internet says is OK.
  5. Fair enough. In Switzerland you can get in the ski bubble lift with a load of people or ride the train, but you can not go to the pub or restaurant. There is only one hospital in our canton that you will be sent to that has 15 covid beds that serves 315,000 people. Loads of people I know have had it more than once. I fear the chance of any of us regaining our travel rights ever again diminish each day. Today I read there is the New York variant that the Vaccine will not protect you from. Next month It will be the Swiss variant. Wile its not nice the damage our government's are doing is much gr
  6. If you are healthy, active and low risk. The WHO website says you should not have any vaccine for Covid. So should you not ask why Would you want it?
  7. The government's appear to be far more dangerous than Covid.
  8. Just the World health organization ! Were do you get yours ? The PCR is not as reliable as we had though it was ! https://www.who.int/news/item/20-01-2021-who-information-notice-for-ivd-users-2020-05 WHO currently does not recommend COVID-19 vaccination of travellers unless they belong to a high-risk group (including older persons are those with underlying medical conditions) https://www.who.int/news-room/articles-detail/interim-position-paper-considerations-regarding-proof-of-covid-19-vaccination-for-international-travellers Now please wake up a
  9. Could you explain how a Social removal of freedom's is an effective way of combating a supposedly apocalyptical pandemic when you still let a great deal of the same people that have had there Social freedom's removed go to work together ? At best logic would indicate its a bit like turning the tap down. Your transmissions might slow a little but your bath is still filling up. We have been told we need to stay home to protect the health services. But its ok to go to the supermarket or garden center. Doctor's and nurses matter but check out clerks and shelf stackers we are not that fused abou
  10. Er I think you will find the troops brought it back to OZ with them and it killed a good few.
  11. In a recent statistical study it was revealed that 89% of all statics are bollocks. Yes there are deaths from Covid and yes there will be excess deaths but I'd wager my life the number is nowhere near what we are told. If they were really concerned would they let so many go to work? At best level 3 will slow transmission at worst its an enforced social restriction on your liberty's and freedom.
  12. Thanks for the clarification. Douse this not suggest that the narrative that NZ is effectively Covid free is fanciful ? Please ask lots of questions of your leaders believe nothing they or the press tell you with out doing proper research first, its the only hope we all have of regaining some sort of normality in our life's.
  13. Sadly I also know of a few that have been sent to an end of life Hospice and again they may well have had Covid but if you have terminal cancer and are sent to a hospice to die is it right to be classed as a Covid death ? And just to be clear Covid is real and not very nice my family and a lot of friends have had it, but from what I have seen its not the apocalypse that the media would have you believe. My ex girlfriend's father was sent to hospital last month as they thought he was about to die, he is 92. They managed to give him Covid and he has fought it of and won.
  14. Sorry to ask the simple question but did they tell you how this young man managed to catch it as the impression is that its all under control in NZ.
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