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  1. Having been to a funeral yesterday of a double japed friend that died in ICU I read your posts and don't know if I should laugh or cry. Harry Potter is on holiday (the vaccine ) 80 percent will not save you you fucking scared shitless twat, because the next variants will be along shortly that they will be able to beat you with. They are already saying in Europe if you are over 50 you will need a booster after six months or you will not be allowed to travel again if the country is open. Lockdowns have no real benefit as you still want your shite to flow away and your internet to work so you can
  2. It's not like there has been any warnings that they might need some new equipment. Maybe they could have changed the hospitals so there are some more beds for Chinese flue. Oh no I've just realised they don't want to do that because save the heath system is the best stick to beat the people with to give up their freadoms.
  3. Welcome to the world of Orwellianism and Machiavellian.
  4. Sadly this is the attitude that brought Lenin and Hitler to power. Be very carful what you wish for, its rarely better on the other side. Hide at home on uber eats and Amazon wile working on increasing your chance of getting cancer to over 51%. Wile trying to come to terms with the fact you are going to get it at some point, we all are !
  5. So why have they not built any more capacity in the hospitals if this is such a problem ? My brother in Law tested positive this week in London my sister had it at Christmas. Both are double jabbed and. She said she had a shite 24 hours' and was fine he has a sore throat and is fine, he only got tested because he has his own office and did not want to give it to the rest of his staff. This is the norm for the vast majority of people, only a very few end up in hospital and dead. Its not going to go away any time soon the Jabbing is not going to make it all go away. If you are scared stay home b
  6. Have you factored in all the back handers they and there family member receive ? A nice new car for the wife or an apartment for the kid are great ways to keep it under the radar. In the US its called lobbying money that makes bribery and corruption sound legitimate. Sadly paying them more is a bit like the argument of if we pay more tax we will get better services, sadly it just gives them more money to spend on our behalf's with there mates. Paying them more or less is unlikely to have much effect I fear.
  7. While what I say can be taken as very insensitive that is not its intension. I know nothing about what this guy is meant to have done but I think Its like many other countries, so my questions. 1. How many people when to work to day so they were able to put away a little bit of cash to pay someone to feed them liquid food and wipe there ass when they were too old to look after them self's. 2. Is it any ones ambition to end up in a home? 3. Is it not the best thing that can happen to you that you die very quickly if you end up in a home? Each to there own but I woul
  8. So if your right and masks and social distancing don't solve the covid scamdemic why are we all being made to were them ? most people didn't wouldn't have given up all of there social liberty's to save them self's from flue.
  9. See no evil hear no evil. Have you won the Nigerian lottery again?
  10. Why would you want a vaccine that firstly all makers have been given a pass card to any future problems so they have no liability issues. That in its self should ring alarm bells. Here is your new boat sir no we do not guarantee it will float. And secondly the WHO clearly state that unless you are at risk or very old you should not have it. This is little better than buying stuff of a street dealer that someone on the Internet says is OK.
  11. Fair enough. In Switzerland you can get in the ski bubble lift with a load of people or ride the train, but you can not go to the pub or restaurant. There is only one hospital in our canton that you will be sent to that has 15 covid beds that serves 315,000 people. Loads of people I know have had it more than once. I fear the chance of any of us regaining our travel rights ever again diminish each day. Today I read there is the New York variant that the Vaccine will not protect you from. Next month It will be the Swiss variant. Wile its not nice the damage our government's are doing is much gr
  12. If you are healthy, active and low risk. The WHO website says you should not have any vaccine for Covid. So should you not ask why Would you want it?
  13. The government's appear to be far more dangerous than Covid.
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