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  1. DVV

    what is it?

    Charal, Apiva and others went same direction. Charal is the first to have the v in the center Bolger was a genious, by the way
  2. DVV

    what is it?

    I dont agree. I think scow minis are very pretty. And, winning. Hope the same will happen in class 40 and Imoca. Scow bows are a cheaper, safer and better looking (IMO) solution then Folis.
  3. DVV

    what is it?

    I love it! I meant: I hope they will change the rule which is preventing full scow bows to happen in Class 40, as I think it is a winning solution (much better than folining)
  4. DVV

    what is it?

    Another yacht that calls for the elimination of the - absurd - Scow Bow ban!
  5. I think so. It it the port one, am I right?
  6. Having good looking hands was I key asset I guess. JLC should try with L'Oreal..
  7. Besteaven going straight into it.. Rough times
  8. Love the leeboard vessel in the background!
  9. There are a lot of Pleasure Creafts in this area! Much more than I thought..
  10. Impressed by Isabelle! She gained quite some miles from yesterday!
  11. So that is why! I was wondering what happened all day long! So let them trash their boat King Jean..
  12. In the last update JLC still slower in VMG than Dutreux and much slower than Seguin. Cant understand why...
  13. Looking at the map attached, Dutreux and JLC seem to have lost some miles to Ruyan and Seguin. Could it be these last two have been able to stay ahead of the incoming front longer?
  14. But on the map you posted it says JLC 12.8kn, Seguin 16.5kn, Dutreux 15.8kn.. What am I missing?!
  15. JLC appears to be slow compared to Seguin and Dutreux. Any idea why is that? Does it have issue? Just taking a break?
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