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  1. huh, there is life in this thread yet, but all i hear is silence. hmmm now what would Mary Poppins do about that? I know - ill be right back
  2. Thanks for the suggestion. Yes, but this is a kids play structure that will have many things screwed to it ) and I guess wood doesnt rust as fast
  3. 4 pages of nothing... curioser and curyausr CRICKETS... toad is added to your herd member list Liquid is added to your herd member list FixinGit is added to your herd member list mathystuff is added to your herd member list Willin' is added to your herd member list fufkin is added to your herd member list jo forthan is added to your herd member list Liquid is added to your herd member list B.J. Porter is added to your WTF are you doing here list bgytr is added to your WTF are you doing here list d'ranger is added to your WTF are you doing here list
  4. Thats about the extent of the help available on this forum. Perhaps I should write everyone a check, no wait, that wont help either... you are all to too busy being offended about how the check was written
  5. What, no graffiti? No flying Feaces? No tirades and insults? Even the village idiot hasnt taken the time to post his art collection. You guys make it too easy to know when I hit the nail on the head And no ROFL emoji. what kind of cow shed is this anyway?
  6. Well it seems there is historical evidence Fossils 'prove' intrepid monkeys made a 900-mile sea voyage from Africa to South America on a raft of vegetation 34 million years ago Intrepid pfff... but the article did not consider that Monkeys continue to sail (when not hurling dung in internet forums) Yeah, you dipshits dont intimidate me ) Oh look, a monkey boat meets metal bridge... https://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/monkeys-raft-across-atlantic-twice-180974637/ Bet that NA wasnt around for comment
  7. It was an example of what was not applicable, but then you a) are not making that comment to be helpful, and b) omit to say what rules do apply (and dont say ISO) aaah but then its all abot the waaaaaay I ask right... Im supposed to ignore the attacks, the morons throwing dung, the endless snide bash-the-newbie shit and all the rest of it and politely ask a question that I suspect only two people on this forum might actually be able to help with. ri ----------------ight...
  8. In his 1973 M.Phil. thesis, Lt. Cdr. D.R. Taylor of Britain's Royal Navy proposed using a ski-jump https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ski-jump_(aviation)#History
  9. Your doing fine. Thank you Well Articulated. To a hammer everything is a nail. To giant ego NA, everyone is a fool. You say foolish. I say ignorant. I can fix my ignorance. Can they fix their egos? I am not afraid to ask questions and "look foolish" because I have seen "experienced experts" learn something from new approaches Old dog new trick? remember this: Want to guess if that came from an "experienced and respected NA that writes rules and regs" ?
  10. ...Conservative with his concern for additional weight to achieve a safety margin. Heavier that need be perhaps, but that is a matter of opinion too, like everything in engineering a boat >You've gotten all the hints you're going to get from me - you spelled insults wrong... bye bye You resemble a helpful fellow boater as much as Mickey Mouse resembles a Rhodunt.
  11. See now there ya go again... ya dont like masts, ya dont like carbon, ya dont have anything helpful to add... take your snark and shove it Did you read the threads? They are ALL like that. They are a bunch of bored, boring, out of work cranky old men that enjoy squabbling to prove whos "right" er most more. (yes i am generalizing a little) They like nothing more than tearing strips of people who mistakenly believe there is actually a community of help available and display ignorance on any topic. Its frankly pathetic. The mods do nothing because the place is run b
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