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  1. The Farr is available in Oceania - All the European boats are hugely expensive to bring all the way to Australia/NZ.
  2. Seahorse had an article on a morphing hull in Dec 2019. https://www.seahorsemagazine.com/archive/2019-archives/150-content/december-2019/827-shifter I also remember an article mentioning a Owen Clarke Open 60 with a some flexibility built into the transom shape.
  3. It's also true that with twin rudders you don't have to perfectly balance the sails to have a light helm, which seems valuable when discussing cruising boats (or even race boats in breeze when you don't want to do the extra sail change to balance things better).
  4. The Vintage class has a handicap equation, but the front of the fleet is all about first to finish. The class website has a few details on the vintage class https://www.class40.com/en/vintage-definition/
  5. Looking for a solid delivery skipper for a short trip from San Diego back to Long Beach after the SoCal 300. Race finishes on June 5th, so looking for someone who can get it back sometime between the 6th and the 8th. Boat is a Figaro 3
  6. JPK is pretty quick to get back with their price sheet if you contact them directly. Expect $15-25K to ship it to the east coast None of the small French builders have formal relationships with importers or dealers in the US. This definitely increases the challenge and takes a boat loan off the table. If you need financing you'll have to find another way most of the time (e.g., borrowing against home equity).
  7. Zhik Seaboot 900 treats me well with size 48 extra wide feet.
  8. You would definitely want the full 180 degree kick up rudders for this
  9. Yes, the example was for the bag hanging in the companionway to avoid the repack.
  10. Have you letterboxing into the bag mounted in the companion way? Though the pack ends up less than ideal with foot of the sail lower in the bag than ideal, I haven't had real issues on sets and it saves all the time down below repacking. I do this with kites up to ~120 sq m in area, but perhaps your A2 would be pushing it? Conrad Colman for reference
  11. Suicide angles is the anglo term I'm used to
  12. Then stick a 2 meter stick off the front to go faster downwind. More hull is a lot more expensive than a sprit.
  13. Talk to Merfyn of Owen Clarke design, he knows them backwards and forwards and is the best source for a used boat.
  14. Need the scow bow of the s4 to balance it out with internal volume up front
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