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  1. Artie Means at waypointracing.com can probably take care of you if you can’t get the dealer code for yourself
  2. Moving boats this size over land is a pain, big trucks, trailers, and cranes - sometimes you even get to take the keel off too!
  3. I wonder if there is a workaround in making it a club owned boat and members have access, but insurance is held by the single club - rather than having to adapt to a changing cast of charterers.
  4. Though I love my Figaro, the 30ft space is tough. They are too expensive to be the mini style every-mans boat, and if you want to go fast they have to be stripped out (read uncomfortable) to stay light. Now I am very happy to have a top notch boat with lower loads and operating costs than a Class40, but there is a reason my search started with the 40s. The combination of higher speeds, standing headroom, and not that much more money to get into a recent 40 compared with a new 30 (given the limited used market) had me set on the bigger boat - it ended up being a question of availability an
  5. Fractured a vertebrae in another watersport, so joined the university sailing team that trained 1/10 and drank 10x as much.
  6. Yep. How long until someone builds a 125 with a stripped out race interior and starts winning every race?
  7. Hoisting a jib or large staysail for the gybe to prevent the kite from wrapping around the forestay can be a big help in challenging conditions or while learning a new sail.
  8. The ruleset attempts to prohibit it based on maximum widths from the tip bow, however designers found a way around much of the limitations by making the hulls less than 40ft and therefore fitting within the word but not the spirit of the rule. The IMOCA rule that created l'Occitane is the improved version of the rule that doesn't allow the shorter hull workaround and results in much less scowy bows.
  9. Oakley M-frame - they've always given the best coverage and stayed on the best across dinghy, beachcats, and offshore
  10. The cruising 30ftrs often technically plane, but not until >20kts of wind which makes that attribute a bit less useful than similar length racers that are light enough to get up in 12-15kts. The only time you'll see a First 30 planning in moderate conditions is if you find the one with no interior.
  11. Yes and for clarity you'd install the loop through the hull and can add reinforcement inside the hull (mine has a few layers of carbon - I'd need to check with Fred Courouble on what precisely was added) . Here is what mine looks like from the outside.
  12. Ropeye loop sized to your load is the soft way to do it www.ropeye.com
  13. Wichinox gives me the best finish
  14. The Farr is available in Oceania - All the European boats are hugely expensive to bring all the way to Australia/NZ.
  15. Seahorse had an article on a morphing hull in Dec 2019. https://www.seahorsemagazine.com/archive/2019-archives/150-content/december-2019/827-shifter I also remember an article mentioning a Owen Clarke Open 60 with a some flexibility built into the transom shape.
  16. It's also true that with twin rudders you don't have to perfectly balance the sails to have a light helm, which seems valuable when discussing cruising boats (or even race boats in breeze when you don't want to do the extra sail change to balance things better).
  17. The Vintage class has a handicap equation, but the front of the fleet is all about first to finish. The class website has a few details on the vintage class https://www.class40.com/en/vintage-definition/
  18. Looking for a solid delivery skipper for a short trip from San Diego back to Long Beach after the SoCal 300. Race finishes on June 5th, so looking for someone who can get it back sometime between the 6th and the 8th. Boat is a Figaro 3
  19. JPK is pretty quick to get back with their price sheet if you contact them directly. Expect $15-25K to ship it to the east coast None of the small French builders have formal relationships with importers or dealers in the US. This definitely increases the challenge and takes a boat loan off the table. If you need financing you'll have to find another way most of the time (e.g., borrowing against home equity).
  20. Zhik Seaboot 900 treats me well with size 48 extra wide feet.
  21. You would definitely want the full 180 degree kick up rudders for this
  22. Yes, the example was for the bag hanging in the companionway to avoid the repack.
  23. Have you letterboxing into the bag mounted in the companion way? Though the pack ends up less than ideal with foot of the sail lower in the bag than ideal, I haven't had real issues on sets and it saves all the time down below repacking. I do this with kites up to ~120 sq m in area, but perhaps your A2 would be pushing it? Conrad Colman for reference
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