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  1. Dell extreme rugged 7414 is great on my Figaro. Gets direct splashes of water in extreme conditions and works no problem. I have it mounted to a police style car mount base station so I don’t have to fiddle with cables each time.
  2. https://www.ropeye.com/shop/ropeye-pro-loop With additional layers of carbon to spread the load as needed.
  3. https://redgorillausa.com/
  4. Solid carbon walls and a pretty serious laminate schedule. Weighs about 9kg, could be ~1kg lighter and still handle the loads, but the extra strength is confidence inspiring given the amount of time a 2m sprit spends underwater when attached to a boat with so little freeboard
  5. That’s great! Maybe I can meet them halfway after the Transpac… Factory sprit is about 1400mm I think, the tack line would run to about the same position as the midsprit tack on my boat.
  6. Yes it is, as far as I know it is still the only one on the pacific.
  7. Figaro 3 is too expensive, Figaro 2 is better and more comfortable for crewed racing but needs a lot of breeze. What about the Archambault A40 if you want a bit of an interior? https://www.yachtworld.com/boats/2007/archambault-a40-rc-3523099/
  8. Velcro quick pins are my favourite unless the boat is too big for them
  9. It was a hell of a slog...once we parked up with the rest of D and E ~30 miles past the offshore mark we called it and motored to SD (glad we brought extra fuel) which brought us through the division C and B parking lots. It pretty much all looked like this from until we were within 30 miles of SD at mid-day. Great for whale watching, useless for sailing
  10. @ParmaUpper bobstay is for a mid-sprit 2:1 for Zeros and the lower bobstay supports sprit-end kites.
  11. No wedge in this install as the bow is very blunt, however there are a few layers of carbon to spread the load of the Ropeye Loop. Design and engineering was done by Fred Courouble (https://www.couroubledesign.com/) and install by Peter Franzen at The Boat Yard Marina Del Rey - they both come from the Open 60 world.
  12. Great photo from Anne Beauge showing the difference in rigs between a Pogo 12.50 and a Class40. @shaggybaxter the upgrade looks good, doesn’t it?
  13. I have the OEM iridium antenna https://www.iridium.com/products/iridium-go-fixed-installation-kit/ External antenna still wins
  14. I get absolutely zero reception inside the boat without the external antenna connected. The internal antenna is pretty dinky, the external antenna gives much better signal in every condition I’ve tested.
  15. Thank you, honestly the foils are easy to keep clean with the right tool. It's still the keel (and to a less extent the rudders) that make kelp annoying.
  16. The padding is ~10cm thick sheets of dense foam - much stiffer than a pool noodle. The Outils fenders have very little give in your hand and my boat is light enough that I don't see any noticeable compression between the hull and dock in normal conditions. @jsam31 at Sailutions can get you some in the US if you're interested.
  17. Outils Oceans https://www.outils-oceans.com/ They supply most all of the French boats but like many of the small Bretagne sailing manufacturers, have no clue how to do business internationally
  18. Or a cockpit table if you have fat enough ones
  19. The ones from outils oceans are nice, but it's a pain getting anything from them. I don't have any problems with riding up as long as they are hung at the right height.
  20. Artie Means at waypointracing.com can probably take care of you if you can’t get the dealer code for yourself
  21. Moving boats this size over land is a pain, big trucks, trailers, and cranes - sometimes you even get to take the keel off too!
  22. I wonder if there is a workaround in making it a club owned boat and members have access, but insurance is held by the single club - rather than having to adapt to a changing cast of charterers.
  23. Though I love my Figaro, the 30ft space is tough. They are too expensive to be the mini style every-mans boat, and if you want to go fast they have to be stripped out (read uncomfortable) to stay light. Now I am very happy to have a top notch boat with lower loads and operating costs than a Class40, but there is a reason my search started with the 40s. The combination of higher speeds, standing headroom, and not that much more money to get into a recent 40 compared with a new 30 (given the limited used market) had me set on the bigger boat - it ended up being a question of availability an
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