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  1. My Figaro is similar, but with a maze of tall stringers, ribs, and foil cases that make it a hands and knees affair down below. Headroom was sacrificed for flat decks, which is worth it for me, but still impressed by the 30 as a cruiser.
  2. I manage to trap a halyard all the time on douses, then reset with the other one. Gives me lots of time to get the first one from behind the spreaders. I have maybe a 50% success rate in keeping the halyard from going around the upper spreader in anything over 20kts. How do you all keep it from swinging around when you letterbox?
  3. Does the 3300 only have 1 masthead halyard?
  4. If you add clips in the right positions in the companion way you can hang the bag there and letterbox douse directly into it. Speeds up the time to reset and avoids having to spend time below. Here’s an example from Conrad Colman
  5. Lovely boat. I’m impressed that they preserved that much headroom. A far cry from my pain box that maxes out at 175cm in a one sq ft area at the base of the companion way stairs.
  6. True. Reefable J1/J2s are fantastic when shorthanded or cruising.
  7. Hanks can make shorthanded sail changes a bit easier, the sail remains attached to the forestay the whole time. I’m guessing the other benefits would be weight savings and ability to use a continuous furling line which can be more reliable and easier to unsnarl when things do go wrong.
  8. What is the “normal furler” you are comparing it to? Facnor structural furlers allow you to replace the forestay.
  9. I do wonder if a lot of the price is due to capacity constraints at Persico and the like with AC75s and Imocas all looking for foils at the same time.
  10. How often do we see these failures in new builds? I wonder how well the one design parts cope with the 3-5 trips around the world these hulls tend to do, especially combined with the maintenance routines of lower budget programs.
  11. I had the same issue. Found them to be a pain from the trap on an F18.
  12. I think we can comfortably check new boats off the list of contenders. The JPKs hold their value well, but are still pretty in line with the overall market for performance boats of that age.
  13. Yes, more than enough 'net tons'. What a wacky unit to use for recreational vessels.
  14. Black Jack, you won't win this one. The French boats do not have powered winches or any other non-human power control beyond the keel, rudders, and ballast tanks. Makes it all the more remarkable that the Ultim's can be sailed by one.
  15. My vote as well. You aren’t going to get standing headroom in the other new fast 30ish footers
  16. It’s up to the French, not us, and they have a much more permissive view on the rules.
  17. Yes. The top boats are always for sale after the event - they will be picked up by another team for 2024. Just like Boris, Burton, and Bestaven did with 2016 boats for this go around. It’s often how sponsorship deals are structured, with the sponsor floating the cost of construction but in the end only paying for the delta between build costs and the eventual sale price.
  18. The biggest safety factor that keeps me ashore during the 30kt+ Is the sea state. It’s not rare to see the swell buoys measuring 5m at 8sec. That’s plus gusts to 45 or 50 makes for survival sailing. that said, the morning after a Santa Ana can make for excellent conditions, 20kts reaching all the way to Catalina.
  19. Lifting rudders would be sweet, but are very complicated and expensive systems, especially with proper below deck quadrants for autopilot integration. I don't think we've yet seen a production offshore boat with lifting rudders.
  20. I sure see those sails moving a lot for ‘barely any sail trim’ I find it very impressive how deep they are able to make twin skin mains coming out of a tack and them flatten super fast as they speed back up
  21. Over 30kts steady inside the Long Beach breakwater today. Glad I traded in the F18.
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