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  1. What happens when it rains ? where does the water drain ?
  2. I considered all options which included the stack pack as you describe and I ended up with a tides mast track, retractable dyneema lazy jack system and traditional sail cover. (With no cutouts for the jacks; you have to retract them before putting the sail cover back on).. This systems works well for me. The jacks are 1/4” dyneema; My main is 300 sq ft. ( E33RH). I can drop the main pretty quickly and I end up tidying up the flaking when I am back up the dock. You then retract the lazy jacks and put on the sail cover. It’s a pretty uncomplicated system. If you have a stack pack, you
  3. Funny you guys mentioned the tillerclutch. I just got one. Heavy duty version and it looks well made. it was cheap enough to buy on impulse to try it. I just installed it on the tiller. The line it comes with is long enough for me try with stern winch cleats, so I am not going to install adjustment cams right away. They seem to be at the right angle/height.. I'm wondering if I should put a bungee section in the line for dampening or just run straight line all the way through...
  4. Where is the evidence on efficacy level of 1 dose ?
  5. OK.. Sea Cart 30 in your profile.. I'll have to look into those. I've read about the F-XX series boats.
  6. The bag storage is something I'm looking into although compass and instruments take up all the room next to the companionway. So only convenient place to store it right now is drop it in the companion way. I have a feeling I can now pull it down faster, but it definitely requires going up to the bow and hauling it down the groove. I sailed a Capri 22 f years back in the day. I liked the hanked on jib. that thing would drop like a piano. it was fast to setup and even if one is too lazy to tie the sheet bowlines, I'm sure there is a modern solution for that now. The only thing with the 33 ft
  7. The blue line is the jib halyard. we just moved the winches/controls back to cockpit (two new Lewmar 40's). Still trying to figure out the boat. Do you mean be able to drop the jib in a hurry ? I'm not sure I can get the jib down the furler track in a hurry. The rope bead was pretty tightly fed into the groove and it was hard to pull up. Maybe it would come down fast now that it is broken in a bit. I know I can drop the main fast, I have a tides track installed and lazy jacks, main can come down in seconds.
  8. I wish I could do that with my simrad T32. You either use the tack button (which tacks too fast) or disconnect the tiller pilot and tack without the AP. There is no +10 degree button and multiple +1 clicks just get thrown away. I don't know if the pelagic can work this way but I'm considering as my next autopilot, but want to get more practice tacking without the AP in heavy air.
  9. Prior to buying my own boat, I had a fractional lease (Sailtime) on a Beneteau Oceanis 38.1 for a year. What was great about this boat was the way it was set up to sail very easily. It had a battened main the was more powerful than a mast furling sail, but it came down into a nice stack pack (with lazy jacks) with simple canvas straps and clips to connect when you put it away. It had a German mainsheet setup with no traveler and used only one winch - all lines came back to the cockpit. The jib was a self-tacking jib, so you only needed to use one of the cabin top winches for the ji
  10. I tried steering with my knees and tacking just a few days ago (Ericson 33). It's definitely not easy to do (for me) when the boat is on the edge with any sort of weather helm. My tiller is also pretty sensitive. Any suggestions ? I tried to put the tiller in a bungee as well to add some dampening. Maybe moving the tiller and locking it (with a tiller/rope clutch) might be another idea.
  11. Have not used their blocks, but I'm using their "V-grip" clutches throughout and happy so far.
  12. I'm lazy. Just wanted to get out for a quick, 2 hours and forgot .
  13. :-) I know a real rooky move.
  14. Nearly new North triradial laminate. My last jib was about 12 years old and shredded it by flogging it about 6 months ago learning how to sail in the bay. I'll have to save some $$$ to replace the old stretched out main .
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