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  1. Years of ditch crawling makes me twitch. Assuming they don't have a centre line as that's all you need on a 20 ton boat never mind a wee westerly
  2. Skipper James wins the prize for the number of times you can say 'feck' in sailing videos. Points at lee shore "see this fecker here". Actually good sailing content, they aborted a trip to Iceland due to Covid and went survival mode in West Scotland instead.
  3. "Cool Condor" would have to go as a name. There's another Condor in Poole but it belongs more in the craigslist section https://www.yachtworld.co.uk/boats/1978/condor-37-3586618/
  4. So this was on my list of go to see boats until I asked a guy who lives at Brighton marina about it. It's a huge pile of nope, was put up for sale in 2012 at $stupid by the guy who did the original refit and has been sitting there ever since. This Condor 37 I did go and see was in pretty good nick, including the deck & exterior wood. though nowhere comparable with the out of date interior pictures above that look like the groucho club. This one has been converted to a cutter, with only 2 primary winches and jammers like a pipe organ, I am way too much of idiot to handle that currentl
  5. Narrowboat aesthetic Quarterly shame.
  6. May he slaughter the unwary for eternity, that was a hell of a kitty.
  7. Having lived with a cat on rivers and canals, there's no way I would have one on a yacht. He fell in at least 4 times a year, once attempted a flying leap to go attack birds in London Zoo and was rescued by a tramp. Also after falling in he would immediately dive under the bed covers for warmth, the little sod. In fact the first night on that boat the water was lightly frozen and he thought it would be sensible to go for a walk. Sneaking off at locks and then looking at you like death when you came back 2 hours later after finding somewhere to turn (UK canals usually narrower than a boat
  8. This French guy has some great cold water sailing footage. Well edited and with no Erik Bloodaxe commentary.
  9. Another option is that it drew more than that in the first place. Has been reengined and remasted since then. Currently locked down under quarantine 3 weeks after buying her so can't go check.
  10. (Digging though email) An eclusier measured her at 147. They usually sit around 135-140cm. She's 15,000lbs or so.
  11. My boat adds another 15cm or so from 1.4 in fresh. And hit the mud quite a bit on the midi when the previous owner brought her up that way, there's quite a bit of seasonal variation in depth. She's a very heavy girl though in comparison.
  12. Yacht legs, as once made by the yacht leg company that no longer makes yacht legs (https://www.yachtlegs.co.uk/). Seen home made ones created from scaffolding poles and suchlike, but these are handily telescopic and clip nicely into a socket on the bulwark. Idea is apparently to rig them so you balance on the keel, they are not really meant to take much weight. Also handy up against a wall. I can see the likelihood of some less flattering photos of me trying them out than this in my future.
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