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  1. They are currently trailing this (very little to go on, don't get your hopes up for a grand reveal, yet): https://www.facebook.com/92222353425/posts/10159509812898426/ It doesn't look likely to me that it shares a stern with the boat on the trailer above.
  2. Literally half the boats in the top 20 of the UK Nationals this year are over four years old. 2nd place in Silver fleet was hull #401 and was not the oldest boat in the fleet, either... The event was in Largs, so few sailors would be attending just to have a laugh, the majority would be looking to score or benchmark against the better sailors in the class... they probably wouldn't make the trip if they thought an "older" boat would make them uncompetitive. What makes you think they deteriorate so quickly?
  3. I have the impression that a fair number of people have tried to do (1), failed, and are now falling back on (2). Maybe they should have tried harder? Maybe it's just more difficult than it used to be? I don't ń∑now. I'm just unpopular (and poor) so looking at smaller boats that don't need electric assistance.
  4. Yes, they do. LP Lasers are not class legal for ILCA events, so wouldn't be accepted for entry to a qualifier/nationals type event. Clubs may be more accommodating.
  5. So, it looks to me like we need to be paying a bit more attention to the "in my specific location" caveat that's been mentioned previously in this thread. A four knot current, moored boats and sharks are not features of the environment I taught in. Water temperatures close to ice-melt are, and one key focus was to try to keep kids out of the water as far as possible until late in the season because they would get cold in minutes and their session would be over. I get that Oppies don't work for you in your location, any more than capsizing early on would work for me: that doe
  6. You are criticising the sailing instructors, not the boat.
  7. Yeah, that looks good- decent freeboard, not too much buoyancy in the rails? Just need the fleets.
  8. 29ers do not wear out in five years.
  9. You should build on that: Evangelise!
  10. Similar experience here. What do you think would be the best boat for teaching small kids? All of the ones I looked at had issues for my specific programme and geography: Topper- too wet and too powerful (narrow hull, tall rig) for small kids, good next step RS Tera- too wet, seems to encourage bad habits (don't understand why this is, maybe coaching?), "pro" rig harder for kids to read & tune Laser Bug: fat & horrible to sail Laser Pico: design compromised by trying to do too much, no fleet Taz- bit heavy, no local fleet racing, doesn't seem to reward tu
  11. That's a fair point but it does have some significant advantages- low CoE, easy to depower, rewards tuning, available in a range of cuts to suit different sailor builds. By the time most competitive sailors are ready to move on, they are capable of understanding how to translate Oppy weirdness onto other rigs: See when you used to adjust the twists on your mast- on this boat we call it a "cunningham" and you can tweak it while you're racing. See when you used to be able to depower by cracking the "halyard"- on this boat you can't really do that, so you have to flatten off the
  12. The Oppy isn't perfect by any means... it's just a lot closer to it for a lot of sailors than any alternative. Most of the issues with the boat are really issues with the coaches.
  13. Because some of the things you can do to make your boat faster are expensive, time-consuming and no fun; so maybe some folk prefer not to spend time on them and relax, comfortable in the knowledge that they could win if they wanted to. Could be that they know they don't have a shot, anyway- older sails, weaker crew, less competitive handicap or older boat...Why bust your gut to be four [minutes|seconds|hours] back instead of six? Maybe the race is mainly a slot in the calendar to enjoy some structured sailing, get the crew together and have some fun? Chill, dude.
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