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  1. I dunno how relevant or interesting this is but: I have been eyeing up fast cruising cats for a while. Initially, before I got my first cruiser (as opposed to a dinghy), I was struck by a colleague's cruising plans being limited by the 3-4kt planning speed for his Westerly and started thinking a cat might be a good way to extend cruising grounds. I did some online digging, read a few books, looked at for-sale sites. I shortlisted the Woods designs & maybe Shuttleworths, Tennants etc. was intrigued by Wharrams but figured they didn't fit my needs etc. Tried a day trip wildlife-spotting in
  2. I'm done on this one. Too obscure for me!
  3. Hmm, looks more like Riva than Torbole to me but I don't really know the area....
  4. Hmm, looks to flat to be in the Lakes... too hilly to be Leigh & Lowton... don't recall a jetty at Hollingworth... Yorkshire Dales SC?
  5. Seconded. Good summary of a good system. Perfect? No. Good enough? Yes.
  6. Fair point. Would be (mildly) interesting to know. I had a quick google for an owners club or registry but virtually all the hits were for 26s & 32s... I think I'm making an assumption around the regular UK forum advice on Westerleys, Moodys, Sigmas, Nicholsons, Rustlers compared to newer, typically French builds, more upmarket Scandinavian boats and older IOR C/R designs. In amongst all that chat I rarely see Contessas mentioned except for the occasional references to the 26/32, so I'm jumping to the conclusion that they are generally not objects of desire. Maybe says more about the
  7. Hmm, I'm finding that hard to believe... though it sounds like a good basis for an urban myth! They only made 80, I bet a good number have already been scrapped, or have deteriorated to the point where they ought to be. There might be a few people that have added them to their shortlist but it seems to me that Erik is using the boat he has to do the sailing he wants to do, despite it not being the ideal fit. All credit to him- says a lot about the guy... but his videos don't seem to me to present the boat well- it's strong and seaworthy, yes, but hard work short-handed and would be cra
  8. Yeah, I heard of one case where an outboard was chain-sawed off a rib on a mooring on a Scottish Loch... The rumour was that there was a group travelling around filling shipping container(s?) with stolen outboards to be shipped overseas... wasn't clear where their intel was coming from but suspected they were "going equipped" around known venues...
  9. That's a programme design/execution issue: All too often the "Youth programme" is designed to produce racers, not necessarily lifelong sailors. I've also seen some youth programmes that are set up to ensure kids have fun (which is good) but are structured so that it's impractical for them to race competitively if they want to (maybe not so good: starting late and not racing soon enough will usually do this). Part of the issue is that they are often run by folk who are so enthusiastic about racing that they can't understand why someone wouldn't want to... and anyway, have little experienc
  10. Can't remember where, sorry, it was a biggish reservoir in England probably about five years ago, maybe more .. does it matter? Of course we cleaned it up, the question was surely how to avoid the problem occurring, and/or mitigate the impact if it does... (I was one of the parents, BTW, not a youth)
  11. I've attended a youth event where many of the stickers simply didn't. Not sure why- duff batch? wet boats? too cold? There were dozens of sheets of plastic along the shore, floating in the water etc: looked horrible and not a good advertisement for the sport. I think the concern's legitimate. I wish I had an answer to offer up.
  12. Consider Spartite. When faced with similar issues, including a kicking strap bracket that interfered with the mast-boot fitting, it was recommended to me as "the solution" by several parties, and worked.... though I still have some water coming down the inside of mine.
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