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  1. These boats work with apparent wind, so with 8 kts of real wind they get to 30 kts of speed. Having main sheet to windward is not true, if you see the complete profile of the sail you can see the uper leech open. This loss of flow downstream favors the upper roach of the mainsail.
  2. If you can play football, you can celebrate the AC
  3. Who would not like to travel like Greta? I am not aware of Greta's intentions with climate change, but I agree with her decision to travel in IMOCA. For this reason, I also want to become an activist and travel a lot in IMOCA, I want to be given an IMOCA so that I never use the plane again. Surely I would enjoy the boat more than Greta. In addition, the other day I met a very disturbing news about Greta, which says that "Greta Thunberg sinks five oil tankers and kidnaps two merchant ships loaded with plastic during their travel through the Atlantic". Taking all this into accou
  4. If you want a fast boat, today the design of the foil and the sail are more important than the dimensions of the hull. Of course, less weigh better.
  5. Here in the Canary Islands we already have a tirmaran, older than that. Here, in the Canary Islands, we have a lot of cats in all inter-islands routes. Here, the waves leaving the coast are always more than two meters reaching extreme waves for fast-ferries. You could say that the canaries are already used to these weather conditions, seeing these conditions more than once a year:
  6. The Canary Island company Fred Olsen Express will incorporate into its fleet the new Bajmar Express and Bajaderos Express, a 117m long trimaran with a capacity of 1,100 PASSENGERS AND 350 LANE METRES FOR TRUCKS AND 100 CAR SPACES. They say that it will be the most modern trimaran in the world. https://www.austal.com/sites/default/files/data-sheet/Auto Express 118 Datasheet.pdf <-- A lot of information about this ship. Austal Limited shipyards are in charge of building and assembling the entire trimaran, and they seem to be very delicate with their procedures.
  7. OMG incredible website. I already have a reading for this quarantine and reflection time.
  8. I think like your friend, the surface of the appendix have to be rough. Because of an appendix must generate lift and the fluids must cling to the surface, regardless of the type of appendix.
  9. A friend sent me this on whatsapp: Timothy Fawcett-Lacy of the World Associate Sub Technical Executive spotted the clause while thumbing through the constitution for some light bedtime reading, as he describes: "Clause 4 (a), Subsection C of the third Appendix clearly states, 'If an Olympic Games is delayed for a period of more than 4 (four) months, then the most recently-dismissed keelboat class shall be reinstated to the roster with immediate effect." It is true?????
  10. I'm sure they will be the challenger
  11. It is true. The main problem of the game is the boarding and priority situations, they are not at all like real life situations. Sometimes the game gets a little crazy. In my club, we have organized an online regatta for all sailors with medal races and qualifiers. The races were every afternoon for a weekend and the results were published on the "normal" regattas ONB. The RFEV is launching a championship for the Olympic, pre-Olympic and youth sailors of the PNTD, in which sailors from all over Spain will participate. They will communicate through Discord and SailRanks.
  12. A friend has the pro version and he can see in real time the rule to be penalized. But still the game keeps doing weird things.
  13. I usually do the same! Currently I only play when I go racing with friends and and earlier to train.
  14. Have you ever played virtual regatta? The game is very good in terms of tactics and strategy. The rules are poor and only the most pirate wins, the algorithm could be much better. I would like to know your opinion and experiences. This is the LINK if you have never played it.
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