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  1. Interesting Matagi - it looks to me that the same site shows the new boat is really the old boat the Dufour Grand Large 310. Which had a regular drop down transom, twin wheels etc. https://sailingworld.nl/aanbod-zeilboten/194598/dufour-310-grand-large/
  2. To he honest, I like the boat too if I treat the inflatable bit at the back as a beach toy that only gets blown up once a year if I was lucky with the weather around here - but might be great fun for a different kind of sailing. The rest I like but would interested to know how it performed. It reminds me a little of the short-lived First 30 - but probably aspiring to be more of a cruiser from day 1. It seems to be just splashed so no real info on CE categories or options on the public Dufour website. But hey, it's not like I am rushing out to buy a brand new boat any day soon, so other t
  3. This is pretty standard fare amongest the competition. The horrible looking inflatable bits are really the only new thing here - but they are not really permanent fixtures or essential parts of the boat. Just understand what modern 32' high volume production boats look like - a large amount of them which also come from France - e.g. this looks a lot like the 2014 Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 349 (also 32'). That boat has fat head main, twin wheels, multiple keel options, low friction rings for jib sheet leads etc. So does a Pogo 30 for that matter - different beast, same features (okay, maybe twi
  4. Just wondering how this affects usage as a halyard for a roller furling genoa on a cruiser - which is normally left largely untouched and fully tensioned when hoisted at the start of the season until dropped at the end of the season... Asking for a friend who previously had a wire halyard with rope tail until recently....
  5. On a rather smaller C&C 27 (well actually a Trapper 500 bilge keel) crossing the North Sea to Norway from Shetland we encountered building very strong conditions on our second night. No wind speed indicator but probably 35+. Roller reefing 150% genoa reefed as far as still made it a sail, eventually dropped the main altogether, all the time beating into growing steep and short sea under tiny headsail. Sea was the big factor. In a 70's style mh rig like this the genoa does the driving even in the mad stuff. And we couldn't point but we could make full and by, and were either accelerating to
  6. Given the photo of you boom shows a track on either side, an alternative might be to have two separate covers not joined at the bottom but with sail slides that went into the relevant boom side track - it solves the drainage issue, give a little more space for the sail, though would make cover removal more difficult as it would mean removing the lazy jacks. An equivalent alternative would be to put webbing straps sewn to the cover bottom through sail slides in the same location, clipping back to the cover or together under the boom - that would the cover easily removable leaving the slid
  7. I can attest to the unpleasantness, though always only do in winter when the boat is on its trailer in the yard and therefore raised. No matter how you protect yourself, you will have anti foul all over which can't be good. We never have to scrub mid season though - and nothing much grows between the keels as there is less light. I once - and only once - scrubbed a 19' boat on a slip between tides... never again. The other part to remember is that most bilge keelers have iron keels, so the really hard part is keeping the inside surfaces of the keels in good nick - prepping and painting.
  8. Looks like it's in Howth? Seems like a twisted tribute to the rather beautiful gaffers in the background which would be Howth 17s....
  9. Yep, I have a copy of his book on the shelves here. I had heard of the book as an inspiration for a serious sailor I knew before I realised the book was about a Caprice. A great read. But back to Hurley 22s - I met another Hurley 22 bilge keel owner yesterday in my yard who also has plans to go around - or half around - this summer. Cruising small boats requires a certain attitude- and I still love that.
  10. Before jumping into rudder tube mods or repairs, check that the issue is not with the tiller or quadrant connection- that is the first cause of most issues I have seen on these C&C designs (mine is a variant of the 27).
  11. Love it, and hope you can get to sail the loop with all that hard work done. I did it in about 1995 when doing a postgraduate, sailing an 18'6" caprice with friends joining me all along - happily mostly climbers for whom having a real mattress seemed like luxury compared to a small tent. Definitely recommend an outboard, rides are strong, there are is a lot of miles spent entering bays and harbours. It is a great excuse to visit as many islands as you can (I recommend the sea kayaking Oileán guide for anyone cruising a small boat as it will give ideas not covered in the conventional pilots).
  12. I have been watching some of Panope's videos with interest as I still have the CQR that came with the boat as my main anchor. In our first year, I had one bad day of dragging on sand. We arrived at Iona on Scottish West Coast just as the wind picked up and twice dragged as the anchor failed to set. So we headed across to the Bull Hole on Mull, a perfect sheltered anchorage less than a mile away and anchored in a tight spot there. We took the ferry across to Iona for the day, and in the evening were happily back aboard and eating dinner down below when the GPS anchor alarm started beeping. Lo
  13. Once had a genuine Bruce. Good until you found any weed near the bottom... Or when it rolls off the deck unshackled when changing anchor (at the bottom in Derrynane Harbour if anyone wants one) BB
  14. 30m of steel, 220 GT, Boris didn't seem too worried that he might of sunk the trawler. Probably just left a few paint scrapes?
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