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  1. save your energy. I have been researching 1 way vehicle rental from east coast to west coast, no rental company that I could find will permit one way travel towing a boat. period. I contacted at least 10 companies.
  2. It's all about the fun factor. Jumping on the boat and blasting off is much more fun than the hassle of getting it down on the water etc... spend the $$$ get a good bottom job and you will probably be happier.
  3. putting on those rose colored glasses I see.
  4. I won't go without insurance. Just not worth it. My current boat when trailered locally is covered by my Insurance Company with a rented vehicle, Im thinking it'll be ok over state lines too. I'll be calling to make sure.
  5. I hear you there, probably going to be just a couple people on the flight though.
  6. Sounds good. I'll get some price comparisons for sure. Thanks again.
  7. I suspect the price has gone up since then. Thanks for your insight. I'm leaning on DIY, flying there meeting the seller and get a SUV with hitch (rental) probably at the airport. First check to see if my current auto insurance is good to go or adjust if necessary, and bring her home. Recently I rented a newer Tahoe SUV in FL one way to the Keys, it had a hitch, with the leaseors permission that would work best on the trip to San Diego. The entire rig weighs that I intend to tow is 4000-4500 lbs. I understand there will be tolls along the way, do you know what they are b
  8. I reached out to them, haven't received a reply yet.
  9. Granted market favors me, and will continue for some time I guess. I've been very disappointed with the availability of the right boats near me however. I hear you regarding the condition of the trailer, but in this case the trailer is only a couple years old. I'll be traveling solo, but thats ok, it'll be an adventure for sure. Haven't made the deal on the boat yet, putting together the true of cost including getting to SD before I make the offer. Thanks for your input.
  10. I like this idea too, definitely a DYI approach. once I get some costs from other means, pros etc. I'll keep that in mind. thanks.
  11. I don't think that strategy will work for me Left Shift. I really want the boat ASAP, hence my consideration to haul it myself, but of course I'd pay a professional to get the job done if I could afford it. I reached out to one service that was recommended here in SA, hopefully I can afford his service he comes highly recommended.
  12. thanks Marcjsmith! I'll check them out. Also will give UShip a try, and starboatguy as well.
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