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  1. Our mainsail is hanging on by it’s last thread (literally). We are going to have another one made for next season but we’re hoping to patch some of the holes and use it as a practice sail or very light wind cruising sail until it actually dies. Does anyone know where I can source some of the carbon sport material with the adhesive backside so I can patch it myself. A small amount of this came with the boat when I bought it but I have been unsuccessful in my Google searching for it.
  2. One of the big takeaways from this video is how quickly fire can spread on a boat and to other boats especially in a marina or closed in river and the need to have a good plan if you do have a fire. All things considered this happened in a very contained environment with many responding fire departments nearby. We watched from our mooring as the Norwalk Fire Boats headed down to assist. They were on the water immediately but they still have to travel the distance. Would be interesting to know what the liability is of the person who casts or pulls a flaming boat off of one dock only f
  3. We have been slowly upgrading our boat to a competitive race spec and one of the things that is next is replacing some of the older deck hardware and blocks. What type of gear is everyone using, is anything good value for $$. Also are there any local shops that people recommend where you can talk through various options. I am finding some of the online options hard to use as I am the type of person that wants to physically see different options.
  4. I use an iPad as primary navigation. I run INavX as I prefer that to iSailor. I also have a Vesper XB 8000 + a Yakka Seatalk1 to NmeA converter so I have AIS and all of my instruments on there as well. I use navionics charts and like them.
  5. Just found out that Pantaneus is exiting the US market and we need to find another insurer for our boat. Does anyone have any recommendations, we cruise LIS and race regularly.
  6. So I know the right way to fix this is to likely replace the tank, but that is a project that will have to wait until next winter. My boat has a hot water tank that is heated by a coolant loop from the main engine. It seems to have a small leak at the presssure relieve valve that means that any time the water is hot it slowly leaks and anytime the water pump is on some of my water leaks into the bilge. It doesn’t seem like much but it adds up to a surprisingly large amount of water over a 1 week or so cruise. Im thinking a short term solution to get me through the season wo
  7. I have the same pump in my boat and the interior ring that you insert the handle into has cracked. Does anyone know if that part comes in the service kit or do you need to buy an entire rocker arm? Thanks
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