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  1. I know this boat. Run away! I know this boat. Run away!
  2. Long Beach in the early 1960's and then I found out that boats could surf on their way to Hawaii!!
  3. Esoteric human powered efforts walk a thin line between insanity and setting world records. A human powered circumnavigation is the equivalent to doing 11.5 Tour De France races. I enjoy chasing human power records out at Battle Mt Nev, but it's a one and done in minutes I cannot imagine the physical and mental demand a human powered circumnavigation would take. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6FAzcEPMi14
  4. 99 Percent Of The Earth's Species Are Now Extinct. The earth is the most effective serial killer ever! Sometimes humans are as dumb as a bag of hammers.
  5. I get the 000, but maybe you should name it Lazarus cuz you brought it back from the dead. Great job! I'll see ya out on the bay.
  6. Hydroptere will live again thanks to the rescue efforts of Multihuler and Chris. Sadly, Chris passed last week. Fair winds and following seas Chris!
  7. I use a layer of 6 oz Kevlar on the outside and a layer of 6 oz carbon on the inside of this body part and it is a strong combo. Yes, Carbon has a higher tensile strength but when it breaks, it's done, but Kevlar will still hold things together even after it's damaged from a major impact.
  8. Russell built Humdinger the same way. It's 21 years old and is still in perfect condition despite some hard use.
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